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Apparent false 'spilt milk' claims leads to arrest of Lockport man

By Howard B. Owens

LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- A Lockport man apparently thought he found a clever way to supplement his income.

John J. Taylor, 54, of Lockport, was arrested Feb. 3 for allegedly walking into supermarkets and claiming that employees spilled milk on him, and then receiving money and gift cards to reimburse him for his cleaning bills.

He has been charged with scheme to defraud in the second degree and released on a ticket to appear in court March 16.

Among the locations he is accused of attempting his scheme is the rest stop market in Pembroke. Other reported locations: Lockport, Clarence, Williamsville, Attica, Silver Creek and Seneca Falls.

State police said, "The investigation revealed that Taylor has contacted numerous supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and convenience stores in the past several years attempting to obtain money or gift cards for fraudulent complaints."

Lincoln DeCoursey

I worked in a market while putting myself through college. On one Chrismastime occasion a man brought back two empty half-gallon packages of eggnog claiming that the product had been sour and asked for a refund. The man didn't have a receipt and the value of the product was more than one might guess.

I left the man briefly to consult with the proprietor who I consider to be a master of his craft. His response was to refund the money and get rid of the guy. When I returned to deal with the man I found that he hadn't waited but had apparently wandered. When I did catch up with the man I observed him stuffing numerous other items into his coat. When I took this new detail to the proprietor he had a different idea of how to handle the situation.

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