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Batavia executive admits to skipping taxes for 4 years

By Howard B. Owens

Joseph P. Ryan, 52, a Batavia resident, admitted in an Albany court yesterday that he failed to file an income tax returns from 2004 through 2008.

The charge of failing to file is a misdemeanor.

Ryan is a vice president of Brighton Securities, which has an office in Batavia, but is headquartered in Brighton, a suburb of Rochester.

Before entering the plea, Ryan paid the state $57,749 in back taxes.

He was sentenced to one-year conditional release and a $5,000 fine.

(Source: Democrat and Chronicle).

Jeff Allen

Joseph Ryan fails to pay $57,000 in taxes - result? 1 year conditional release and $5,000 fine.

Timothy Geithner fails to pay $35,000 in taxes (that we know of, statute of limitations ran out on previous allegations) - result? a cabinet postion in Obama administration.

Kathleen Sebelius fails to pay $7,000 in taxes - result? a cabinet position in the Obama administation.

Tom Daschle fails to pay $100,000 in taxes - result? a cabinet position nomination in the Obama administration.

Ron Kirk fails to pay $10,000 in taxes - result? a postion as U.S. Trade Representative in the Obama administration

The last four people in this list were allowed to pay their back taxes, no fines, no conditional release and in the three of the cases, maintain plum jobs with the government.

Dec 22, 2009, 11:59am Permalink
Dave Olsen

Wanta take a guess at what would happen if Dave Olsen and Jeff Allen failed to pay their taxes? I guess mine and a lot of people's anger about government is the uneven enforcement of our illegal tax laws as mentioned in Jeff's comment.

Dec 22, 2009, 12:22pm Permalink
Jeff Allen

I think what separates us Dave, is the fact that you and I feel an obligation to do the right thing. Those in positions of power feel a sense being above the rules, and that when an infraction is discovered, the rest of the establishment will cover their transgressions.

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Dave Olsen

You know, Jeff I thought about this for a while, and I don't feel like paying income tax is the right thing. I believe it is illegal and should go away. I pay it because I feel as though I don't have much choice. Oh well, I'm happy to be an American, it's worse in some other countries.

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