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Batavia man faces federal complaint for sharing files on sex site

By Howard B. Owens

A federal complaint was filed in Buffalo last week against a Batavia man accused of sharing pictures online in a chatroom depicting naked young girls in revealing positions.

A federal agent was monitoring the chatroom as an administrator on the two occasions when the Batavia man allegedly entered the discussion area.

Samuel W. Nigro, of 145 Trumbull Parkway, is accused of violating Title 18, United States Code, Section 2256(8), which deals with interstate commerce and using both physical and digital means to share material depicting minors in a sexual way across state lines.

According to an affidavit filed by Investigator Matthew R. Meyer of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Nigro entered chatrooms at and shared files with another user.

Meyer reports searching Nigro's home on Dec. 9 and seizing two computers, an external hard drive and thumb drives.

There were explicit video files involving prepubescent girls on the devices, according to Meyer, but no charges were listed in the complaint for items found on the devices.

As an administrator, Meyer was able to obtain the IP address for the users, and after Time Warner responded to a subpoena, it was determined that the IP address of one of the users was linked to a subscriber at the Trumbull Parkway residence.

The alleged chats took place on May 21 and June 17. is registered to a man in Sweden, Stefan Sederholm, according to the domain registration company Go Daddy, but the domain has been suspended for "Spam and Abuse."

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