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Charter Review Commission meets tonight

By Howard B. Owens
Mar 2, 2009, 8:54am

We received this press release from the city:

Please be advised that the Charter Review Commission for the City of Batavia will hold a meeting on Monday, March 2, 2009.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room on the second floor of the Batavia City Centre.  

The public can speak at the meeting by signing in prior to the start of the meeting. 

John, can you add more detail on what might be discussed tonight?

Karen Miconi

Yes I also would like to know who will be present @ the last minute meeting{that knowone had time to prepare for}. I have new information on the transfer of money from the general fund, into the ambulance fund, when there was already a surplus in the ambulance fund. Where's the money Jason???? Why was the money taken out when it wasn't needed??? Where is the 100 Grand ?? Where's the AUDIT??? Someone thinks we're stupid,and is hoping we won't notice. We were born @ night Jason, but not last night. Give the citizens more time to compile evidence. Get ready to be called out.

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Howard B. Owens

I doubt this meeting tonight has anything to do with the ambulance issue. And it's not last minute, but regularly scheduled. This is a reminder.

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Karen Miconi

Well Howard, then when will there be a meeting to confront Jason and Charlie?? I can't wait!! I interviewed some people @ a local sporting event who called me over and asked if I was the one one the site. They spilled their guts to me for an hour. There are some facts that are not being brought to the table as they should be. I just hope we get a little more notice than a few hours, to prepare for a public meeting.

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Charlie Mallow

Your tactics are never going to get you the end result you’re looking to achieve. You and the union has decided to take a confrontational path, this will only result in failure. Read my new post, this is not a city issue any longer.

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Karen Miconi

Not a city issue?? Then what is it?? It sounds like you are challenging the people of Batavia to prove that the money was missused, unaccounted for, and that the ambulance wasnt making money, when in fact it was. Charlie I have plenty of people who will stand behind me and fight like hell to expose this dishonesty. Saddle up, cause after this weekends interviews, this is just the tip of the iceburg. I'm also wondering about the AUDIT that these people were telling me about. Face the facts, we aren't going to forget about this, and sweep it under the rug. Why don't you just gather your proof and face us?? Prove to us that there was no Funny Business going on. Only then will we SHUT-UP! Oh and who's sly underwraps desision was it, for this not to be a city issue?? Hmmm I also just found a pic of Jason. He's the one that I had a dislike for last year because of his rude,dismisive behavior @ the city council meeting. He could care less about us here in batavia,and needs his bubble bursted.

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Charlie Mallow

Why the union would choose to be confrontational is beyond reason and self destructive. You can fight all you want; you’re swinging at the air. Do you really think people are going to get behind this mean spirited campaign the union is waging? You guys put my picture up on some crazy website filled with lies and that is somehow going to make me change my mind? You don’t know me to well, that is obvious

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Karen Miconi

I never put your pic up anywhere. I just now looked up your faces online. You seem nervous.. Who do you think your dealing with, a bunch of fools. We live in the United States Of America, and have every right to ask questions. Are you threatening retaliation?? Man I better get on the phone and protect myself, or do you have the authorities in you back pocket too? Knowbody said anything about a confrontation, although you would have people believe that. We the people want answers, to put an end to this too, but its all too fishy, and you both are avoiding us.

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Beth Kinsley

What's done is done. There is no going back. This is no longer a city issue but a county one which is what it should have been in the first place. Like Charlie said, you're swinging at the air. I am interested in the topic of this post though. John - more info please. Do you know any specifics of what will be discussed?

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Daniel Jones

He's the Firefighters Union President.

Saying things like this "is this a threat?? I never put your pic up anywhere. I just only now looked up your faces online. You seem nervous...Are you pantys in a bunch?? They should be. Who do you think your dealing with, a bunch of fools."

That insults yourself.

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Karen Miconi

Yah Dan, cause the truth hurts, and yes he is acting very suspicious, and Yes he did in a round -about way threaten me. I have printed these comments out to protect myself. Do U have something to gain by defending him?? Oh and his comment"You don't know me very well". You don't know me either, Gladis Cravitz at your service. I am relentless, and will fight for the little people.

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Daniel Jones

Karen-Saying things like "are your pantys up in a bunch" borders on ridiculousness and makes you sound like your trying to intimidate instead of have a conversation with. I don't see where Charlie threatened you either.

What I have to gain is defending a group of 9 people who did the right thing for the city of Batavia by taking the pressure off them of having to pay for a service for the entire county, putting the pressure on the county (who as already indicated that they will have an ambulance service on September 1st) to administer what it should have been administering from the beginning.

What the other side is engaging in is a brutal attempt at character assassinations from the top down, and it's wrong. I can look at myself in the mirror long and hard and know that I'm standing up for the right thing.

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Karen Miconi

I'm also standing up for what I beleive in. The simple fact is that behind the public's back the city ambulance was nixed. The Batavia City Ambulance service was still making money. Money was taken out of the general fund, and probably can't be traced by now. I dont know any towns, or cities without a local ambulance service. Do you realize the implacations, if someone dies in this town, for lack of proper emergency responce. We're talking "Wrongful Death Suit" against the city. This is life threatening, and needs to be rectified. The Batavia Firemen, and The EMT's in the ambulance's save lives every day. Without people like me "Raising Questions", the issues would continue to be brushed under the carpet. Is this what the people want? To be taken for granted?? You Tell Me..

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Andrew Erbell

Dan - I agree completely. Mr. Mallow and the City Council had to make a very difficult decision and from what I've read and heard so far through the various media outlets as well as their direct comments here, it appears they have acted in the best interests of the people that elected them.

From what I've seen so far, the actions of the supporters of the ambulance service are simply a very localized version of the efforts going on at a State and National level from groups trying to advocate against budget cuts that impact them directly. Although I can empathize with their emotional appeal, I understand that objectivity is needed in a fiscal crisis. I applaud Mr. Mallow and his fellow council members for being willing to make the difficult and at times, unpopular decisions. I can relate.

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Gabor Deutsch

I dont think its right to accuse anyone of wrong doing with out the proper facts or proof. I understand that this is an emotionallly charged issue for some people right now. I definately agree that remarks like panties in a bunch is kind of rude. The implication that some one is a cross dresser is totally disrespectful. Besides, if a man chooses to wear panties then they should be called Manties ! It is also possible to get boxers in a bunch or perhaps go "commando". I wanted to write this because obviously this is the sarcasm section today.
Now back to you Richard !

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Karen Miconi

Gaber, It takes comments like that to expose the truth. I still haven't had any answers to my questions answered. Why are the issues I brought up being ignored?

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Gabor Deutsch

I think that some of your questions cannot be answered here, on this site. If I knew anything I would tell you and I think that Mr. Mallow and others have tried to point you in the right direction.

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Howard B. Owens

Let's keep the personal bickering out of it. Everybody. Please try to stick to the issues and not make it personal. It's more productive that way.

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Karen Miconi

OK Howard, I will try to be a little more objective when it comes to this web-site. This issue has sparked a big interest for me because of what i was told @ a sporting event in Batavia Sat., and yes even before. I'm not bickering, just fighting off those who think they can intimidate. Whether I"m and male or female, I am sick of paying taxes and having them unaccounted for.

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John Roach

Sorry I got to this late. The Charter Review Committee meets the first (1st) Monday of each Month, at 6:30 PM, at City Hall. Most of the time we are done by 8:00 PM.

Anyone can come and speak at the start of the meeting, with the same rules as at City Council.

Tonight, we had one speaker.

For the most part, we are done with our review. We will now go over all the recommended changes to make sure we did not overlook anything. After that we will let the City Attorney look it over and then have a Public Hearing. If all goes well, the revised Charter will be on the ballot this November.

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