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Chris Lee makes statement on bailout

By Howard B. Owens
Oct 4, 2008, 10:01am

GOP candidate for the 26th Congressional District has been surprisingly silent on the Wall Street financial crisis and the bailout plan.

I just came across this comment on WROC, which remains the only statement I've seen from him so far.

... "we need to stop the finger pointing and work together to restore taxpayer trust and confidence in the economy. We need a bipartisan solution that will bring liquidity and stability to our financial markets now."

I now see the D&C quotes a shorter version of the same statement. Evan Dawson at WHAM has more.

Does that offer enough specifics for you? Does it tell you anything about the sort of fisical policies he will pursue?

Meanwhile, I just spotted this comment from Brian Hartz on a previous post. It sort of puts a human face on how the financial crisis is effecting Western New Yorkers.

I am one of those that can't get financial aid because my grades were not real great. Last year I got an alternative loan to pay for school, but this year the bank I went through stopped offering the loans. I had to borrow money from my grandparents to pay for tuition.

I don't mean overly harsh on Mr. Lee; after all, my politics are probably closer to his than Alice Kryzan's. I just don't get why he's avoiding talking about, in detail, the most significant domestic policy issue of my and his lifetime.

UPDATE: In case you missed it: Of course, after I posted this, I went to an event that I knew Chris Lee would be at and asked him to clarify his position.  That post is here.

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