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City ambulances - out of service

By Howard B. Owens

I happened across this scene this afternoon -- four of the city ambulances sitting next to the fire hall on Evans -- out of service.

Howard B. Owens

They will be sold (except the newest one).

They're a little big for my "mobile newsroom" needs. I have this fantasy of getting a PT Cruiser. It's just a fantasy ...

Sep 2, 2009, 12:04am Permalink
Lori Ann Santini

That is a heartbreaking sight for those of us who logged thousands of miles in those vehicles. It represents a sad ending to a career we medics were very passionate about.

Sep 2, 2009, 9:30am Permalink

Lori your absolutley right! If I could count all the times you have come over to help Helen with her siezures or myself with my breathing problems.To say you all will be missed is an under statement! THANK YOU ALL FOR ALWAYS BEING THEIR YOUR IN OUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS.

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Karen Miconi

The ambulances above seem larger and more equipt. Lori, thank you for your dedicated service. I hope you still have a job with Mercy Flight. It is a sad sight to see all these, state of the art ambulances, sold for peanuts compared to what was payed for them, and what they are worth.

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Michael Del Plato

Please,Ms.Santini do you need some cheese with that
whine? Its part of life, we people lose our jobs.Put yourself in my shoes! I'm a teamster truck driver, I drive locally in Buffalo and Rochester. I'm on lay-off
status."on-call"I don't when I'll be called in ?,it's day to day. Anyway it's my worst year ever, are you ready for this! I made six thousand this year plus unemployment. I lost year to date about 30,000 dollars,
and lost my health insurance I have to payout of pocket
for that.We also had to take a fifteen percent pay cut
and no pension credit for 18 months. And you think you have it bad! My advice to you,Bite the bullet, things
might get better sooner or later.Please enough!!!

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