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Council to vote on wage increase for City Manager

By Howard B. Owens

Among the items on the agenda for Monday's City Council meeting is a resolution authorizing a pay increase for City Manager Jason Molino.

The resolution states, "WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Batavia wishes to grant a wage adjustment to the City Manager for the current year based on his performance evaluation."

If approved, Molino's base pay would go up 2.85 percent to $83,487 and would be retroactive to April 1.

Karen Miconi

Howard, John, Charlie, I am shocked. With the economy the way it is, and all of us trying to get by, I can't believe this. I am confused.. The city is making cuts all over, and all they have to resolve, at a council meeting is a raise for the city manager. I'm curious who's idea this was?? We never hear from anyone but Charlie. Why don't we hear from the rest of the council members? In my opinion it is slap in the face to all Batavians. Maybe I'm wrong but didnt the city manager receive a raise over the last year, or was that a Bonus? Retro back to April? I'm trying to add that up in my head. Where is all that money coming from?

After my visit to the ER with my brother yesterday, it is my understanding that the EMT's took a huge pay cut. The nurse I spoke with just shook her head, conveyed to me, her frustration and disapointment. I thought the whole reason for the Ambulance cut was to save money. I thought the city was in trouble financially. Then there is the attempt by Mr. Cox to get the citizens involved in this Pork Project, the athletic field. Mr. Cox, Thank You for trying to represent your neighbors. In my opinion we dont need that grant. All this money, millions, seems like it is slipping through our hands. There are so many things Batavia needs first. I dont know. What do you think?? Someone Enlighten me, as I'm sure you will.

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Charlie Mallow

Karen, our City Manager is paid very little for what he does and the skills he brings to the table. He is not the highest paid employee by far in the city. I still do not believe he makes what the last guy did who ran the city into the ground. Jason has pulled the city from a huge deficit and we are now financially sound. On top of that Jason managed to get this city millions in grants to fund reconstruction projects that are going on all over the city. Jason has NEVER taken the easy route to getting our city out of the disaster it was in when he started. That has not made him a lot of friends. He is head strong and a good administrator. Jason has always done exactly what Council told him to do. Jason’s merit increase was budgeted and this subject was debated to death already on this site.

We are lucky to have someone like Jason, real lucky. We have had a lot worse in the recent past. We should be building a statue of the man on Main Street not assassinating his character and listening to the outright lies about him. I have found that people who bad mouth Jason are the same ones who benefited for years from lose purse strings at City Hall. Sorry the rules changed when Jason came to town.

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Rich Martin


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Charlie Mallow

If the school district needs another park they should look to put it in the town.

Mark, we are talking about the same raise we were a couple of months back. First you budget, and then you appropriate it.

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Howard B. Owens

I'll just say, if an employer is pleased with the performance of an employee, and the employee is eligible for a raise, he or she should get a raise. That's certainly true in the private sector, so why shouldn't it be true in the government sector? If it wasn't, then government agencies would have no hope of retaining their best employees.

There are any number of issues that the city has tackled during Mr. Molino's tenure that individuals might find fault with, but if those actions please his bosses, then his bosses should give him a raise. They might very well feel that Mr. Molino has done exactly what they hired him to do, and if he has, then he deserves a raise.

The issues of what policies the council directed Mr. Molino to pursue are a separate matter.

I'm neither defending nor criticizing a potential raise for Mr. Molino, just pointing out that individual disagreements with Mr. Molino's actions are rather immaterial. If the City Council is happy with what he's done, they should do what they think is right.

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George Richardson

If Batavia were actually a City, in any other way besides name only, it might be justified. That does seem a bit steep for a village of 20,000 residents with a declining population and rising taxes, however.

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Chelsea O'Brien

I totally understand giving someone a raise, especially in the private sector. However, how many millions of people will not be getting raises because of pay and hiring freezes? Simply because the money is "budgeted" for, doesn't mean a raise is justified.

I'm lucky to have a job, granted I can barely pay all of my bills, but I have a job. I will not be getting a raise or a bonus this year, because my company cannot afford it. Can the city really afford to be giving raises, when it claims it cut the ambulence service because it cost too much? Cut 20 people's jobs, give one a raise, makes sense to me

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Mary E DelPlato

Since its our hard workin money that goes in to paying this guy,why cant we have the vote?
Its about time we have a part in where our money goes. Since some cant enjoy it for themselves. Oh and one other word, MAYOR!

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Julie A Pappalardo

Hey! They can afford to give him a raise now since the "grass police" are now busting everyone! Those $250 fines add up don't they?
Everyone else in this country has either been laid off, business closed or had to take a PAY CUT.

Batavia should get with the program and start cutting employees pay instead of giving raises!! How much $ does this guy make? How much $$ does the average Batavian make?


No ambulance, but give the manager guy a raise, and harass people about their property that they pay TAXES on!
If the City is a broke as they claim, HOW can we afford this? HOW could we afford "Summer in the City"?

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Tiffany Barber

I mean nothing by this comment and truly would just like to know what is Mr. Molino's experience in public administration - could someone fill me in on his background - education, past positions in public administration?

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Tom Gilliatt

Another example of the rich getting richer...$83,487 a year I would be living on easy street, blow money like crazy and still be able to send my kids to collage :(

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Mary E DelPlato

oh and btw, its us tax payers who are the "boss" of everyone of you that live off of us. You seem to forget that when you are put in "power". The whole system sickens me. People strugglin but yet they still have to shell out to others so others can live comfortably.

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George Richardson

Howard, do you think he would allow you to post highlights from his resume? Perhaps people would feel better if they knew his qualifications for the position. I mean Batavian's are his employer and if the City Council thinks different, well, they face the ballot box every so often. Sorry Charlie (actually that's a joke, Charlie seems cool.)

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Charlie Mallow

I shouldn’t even be commenting on this but, I can’t let you rip the guy down anymore without responding.

I was on the committee that hired Jason. I helped evaluate the 15 applicants that we had for the job, most had no qualifications at all. Most had glaring weaknesses like having been caned from their last job. I seen the salary requirements and know firsthand how underpaid Jason is. Probably $30K to $40K. Jason is not here for the money because; he could get far more somewhere else. In fact, there are a lot of other government positions in this county that pay FAR more than Jason is being paid. Jason was not only the best choice; he was the most experienced person who would even take the job. Jason is here because, he likes living here.

You all have opinions that don’t include the smooth operation of the city.

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Rich Martin

Howard, In all my years as a working stiff, I have never seen a retroactive raise in the private sector. To me that's a double cold slap in tax payers faces. He knew what the city was paying when he applied for the job. I am not saying that cost of living increases can not be justified but...retro-active????? What's with this council and thier love of controversy? Perhaps they just like to see thier names in the news.

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Timothy Paine

Personally, I don't care if he never made it through high school. I know people with Phd's that can't crack an egg and I know people that have built multi-million dollar empires that never graduated anything. I go by how good someone is at their job, where they were educated and by how much doesn't matter. I don't always agree with Jason and I've never been shy about it. When it was budget time I went to City Hall and got a copy of the budget and read it. I went to one of the Saturday sessions, (I was the only one there that wasn't a Council member or from City Hall). Did I agree with every line of the budget? No. There were some whole pages I didn't like. However, the overall budget was good. Just over two years ago we were un-insured and nearly $3 million in debt. We now have insurance and a contingency fund. Jason has done a good job for the City. If you take into consideration of how bad is predecessor was and the mess Jason was left, he's done a spectacular job. What I am saying is, you can question a raise all you want. The timing may be wrong. But I don't think Jason's ability or what he's done should be under attack. Yes he works for us and is in a position that allows for critcism. I just don't remember anyone around during the budget process complaining, but now several months later, after all was approved, it's now no good? I don't beleive for a second that a Mayor could have done nearly the good job Jason has done. As an elected official a Mayor would always be campaigning and kissing asses, always! EVERY move a Mayor would make would be politically motivated. You don't have to like someone to recognize or appreciate how good they are at their job. Whether I want to have a beer with someone has no bearing at all on if I like the job they're doing. You can't buy dedication. I think I need to repeat that, You Can't Buy Dedication!! Our last manager proved that when his house was auctioned for taxes. He was given a good salary, a good buy-out settlement and he still told us all to piss-off. I beleive Jason is as dedicated to Batavia as you can get. Through all the constant public criticisms, threats from some Council members about getting rid of him and never getting good press. He continues everyday doing a good job for the City.

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Rich Martin

That's true about the other higher paid positions and I can't help but wonder those saleries would be as high for a city/village such as ours if it wern't for push-over council members and administrators.

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Timothy Paine

Rich, I couldn't agree more. I have never seen a raise retro-active in the private sector. Then I thought about it and I can't ever remeber a municipal raise ever NOT being retro-active. Everytime there is contract negotiations or arbitration, it's retro-active isn't it? I'm not defending it, you're right. The private sector would never stand for it and never has. But why should police and fire get retro-active raises and all the other City employees not? My feeling is, "retro-active" should be stricken from all municipal agreements, period.

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Julie A Pappalardo

I am sorry, but over 83 GRAND is an awful lot of cash to be paying someone to run a "City" of this size!!! WHO else in the world is even getting a raise in this economy? People are taking pay CUTS so that they can still HAVE a job in the first place! It's time for CUTS not RAISES! But then again we now have the "Grass Police" to help pay the tab!

Why doesn't some responsible person in the City call Chris Collins (Erie County Executive) and find out what HE did to give Erie County a 15 MILLION dollar SURPLUS in the first 6 months of this year? He obviously knows what he is doing (cause he is a businessman)!

I am currently an Erie County resident (though i own WAY too much property in 14020). I called the man's office to say "thank you"!! That is 15 MILLION dollars that won't be coming out of MY pocket!

Once again folks, ALL of my property in 14020 is FOR SALE! Talk to me if interested!

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Howard B. Owens

I should also add, I once had three raises in one year, each of them significantly larger than is proposed for Jason, and no I didn't change jobs or job titles.

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Rich Martin

Tim, Sadly the reason for retro's is usually politicians/city official/councilmen/fill in the blank... dragging thier feet instead of taking care of business. I geuss that's called negotiations

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John Roach

you’re wrong on the last manager. I don’t know what personal problems Coppler might have had that ran him into debt and neither do you. You have had a number of financial problems also, but that didn’t mean you were bad at your job. Things just happen.

He got a better job. There was no “buy out” or anything.

AND, he worked for Council. He did what they told him to do and one of those council members, Frank Ferrando, wants to be reelected. Remember that in November.

Council sang Coppler’s praises while he was here, then when he left, they blamed everything on him rather than admit they called the shots. So, be fair.

Jason has done a very good job and I think he deserves the raise. Some people think that just because they don’t get something, nobody else should either

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Michael Del Plato

Hey Charlie , He's paid too much , for what little he does!
Come off it 83,500 after his raise! Nobody is worth that much in a little city like Batavia. Whats the average
home income here?
Has anyone paid a bill in person at city hall of late? Four woman in the clerks office! You're not telling
me, that's not over staff?
It's a crying shame 83,500! He's mismanaging this city as it is. Everyone wants to sue Batavia, for his
mistakes! Just resign Jason! He's a yes boy to all of the city dept. heads ! And if he can't live off what he makes now, go else where and and rip-off some other city!
I had to take a 15% pay cut at my job.And we had to take an 18 month pension deferral. Also got laid off,I'm on call,only worked 7 days this summer and I got to pay this Mr.Molino all this money, for what pushing and sharping his pencils !
Here's a guy who whined because the Men's Hockey League in Batavia had their rules, and he couldn't sign
up, cause veterans get lst chance.He threaten to take
away the leagues ice time."They won't let me play"cry baby!

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Mark Potwora

Who's fault is it that the city has to pay $236,000 arbitration award for city police.Who's fault is it that the city had to pay the firemen money to drop a lawsuit...If it was the city manager then he should get no raise...We are a city of 15,000 people...Seems like alot to me..What does the town of Batavia pay their supervisor..

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Timothy Paine

John, you're correct. I was thinking of the manager before Coppler that got the buy-out. I also wanted to thank you for being so classy and going personal as usual. Again I'll tell everybody that, I got sick, we lost everything and had to start from scratch. (Is this where I tell everyone that even with all that happened I never declared bankruptcy?). Thank goodness my wife was able to take me out to that dinner you like to bring up all the time. Can some one show me where I ever got personal with you on the Batavian? I remember those Tim Horton coffee breaks as well. I recall what you and your girlfriend said about Jason. It echoes in my head like the day you both kept saying it, "Jason has to go!". Has that now changed John? Or are you still more interested in my finances or where my wife and I eat?

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John Roach

I didn’t mean it to be personal as such; I was just pointing out that your slam on somebody like Coppler getting into financial trouble was not fair. A lot of people get into money trouble due to things out of their control, like you. The point was that you don’t know what happened with him, but you took a shot at him.

Your financial and tax problems are not what this is about.

You are right on one point (finally). I did not support Jason being hired at the time. However, as I said, he has done a great job and I have no problem with his raise

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Mary E DelPlato

ok if I was up there in the ranks with the rest of those yahoos I wouldnt take a raise. Id get tired of stealin tax payers money.
I would like to know what Mayor Duffy makes

Sep 10, 2009, 5:06pm Permalink
John Roach

Why dump on Charlie? Because he is the only one on the site? The majority of City Council had to ok this, but only Charlie is on defending the decision. Cut him some slack.

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Karen Miconi

Charlie, you say our city manager has done SO MUCH for our city. Could you maybe list those things? I also am wondering how the raise idea was brought up, and by whom. I think it is sending the wrong message to Batavians. I would also like to hear more from the other members of council. My husband's theory is that they are afraid of being ousted, that is why they dont speak their mind to the public. I'm starting to think this is being done on purpose, as to tick-off the public. I hope that is not the case. I dont see this as being entertaining and funny in any way, shape, or form. This raise will affect all of us in some way financially. I would hate to think you find this amusing. I'll take a look around the streets with my camera then, and video camera. Hows that?? The proof will be recorded, and there wil be NO denying. What a bunch of BULL!!

Sep 10, 2009, 6:11pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

William, I think we are fixing the streets, take a look around. Thanks to my man Jason. Your right, I’m also a Democrat and proud of it. I LOVE BHO! He is did a fantastic job last night!

I’m not so sure you have been paying attention to city affairs if you think there has been a lot of spending. I know that most Republicans understand that it’s good business to pay people what their worth and respect them for the job they do.

Sep 10, 2009, 6:07pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Happy you asked Karen. Here are just some of the efforts he lead just this year.

• Consolidation of Police dispatch- Successfully transferred dispatching to Genesee County emergency communication center, changed police software record keeping system to New World, made police station security improvements and transferred City dispatchers to the County. Also developed central booking operations with the GC jail for BPD prisoners.
• We ininsiated a Consolidation study with the Town of Batavia- to find ways to cooperate and share services in the future.
• A Charter Review commission was created to eliminate unnecessary positions and reform our city government.
• A new management structure was created with seamless leadership transitions occurring with the Police, Fire and Finance departments.
• A change was made in workers compensation insurance in order to ensure that the City is providing the most efficient and cost effective program. The outcome has resulted in a recommendation to transfer from a self-insurance program to full-insurance program for less cost.
• We retained a grant writer and are actively involved in seeking outside funding opportunities when they arise, such as obtaining our fair share of federal stimulus money.
• We started work on an infrastructure master plan, to help guide the city.
• Developed an employee performance evaluation program for all employees. A training program for supervisory staff has been implemented and performance appraisal and management system for all City employees has begun.
• The City Police department is working cooperatively with the Genesee County joint drug task force, while Genesee County Sheriff’s have joined the City’s Emergency Response Team (ERT). Developed new firearms training, continue to improve on specialized details, such commercial vehicle enforcement and alcohol compliance checks.
• Elimination of the City Ambulance service that was a detriment to our cities long term financial outlook.
• Improved accuracy and accounting measures in KVS (account system) as recommended by City auditors. Also, revised several internal policies to improve checks and balances.
• Code enforcement was revamped improvements such as, more accountability, targeted compliance and a software management package. Court action taken if needed for compliance and office hours set for permit issuing on the spot. Entered into inter-municipal agreements with Town of Batavia for code enforcement and traffic maintenance services.
• Engineering legislation was proposed to City Council and passed.
• Landfill leachate is now being accepted by the City’s WWTP which will reduce transportation cost shared by the Town of Batavia.
• Ellicott Street Street-scape project was designed bid out and constructed.
• Walnut Street reconstruction was bid and phase I of the construction was completed which included the waterline, moving of utilities and limited railroad improvements.The project is currently in full swing and expected to finish this year.
• Replacement of old storm water pump at Lehigh lift station, receive bids for waste water pump for Main pumping station and acquire and install algae control system at WWTP by March 2009.
• For the second year in a row for the month of December the sewer plant used the least amount of electricity when compared to any prior December the plant has been in operation.
• Milled and overlaid Evans St., prepped and mico-surfaced Farwell Dr., Farwell St., Fairmont Ave., Mix Pl., Washington Ave., South Spruce St., Prune St., Jerome St,. McKinnley Ave., Haller Pl., Clifton Ave., and Elmwood Ave.
• Installed curb ramps and replaced sidewalks at Middle School, Robert Morris, Notre Dame, Union St., Richmond Ave., Evans St., and Court St. Plaza.
• Repaired or reconstructed 40 catch basins and manholes.
• Obtained funding for Swan Masse
• Obtained funding to reconstruct Bank Street.

PS. I'm not going to let you spread lies about a good man anymore!!

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Karen Miconi

One more point of interest Howard. Who is cj scruger?? HMMMMMMMMMMM Are you sure he's legit?? Charlie, I was talking about things the city manager can be given credit for, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Nice try though..

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Charlie Mallow

Karen, I’m not sure who Tom, Dick and Harry are? What I am sure of is that they didn’t do a damn thing to help our city this year.

You asked, I answered. That’s more than a try.

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Bea McManis

Howard made this site available to everyone. It is a perfect vehicle for those, in office, to come in and discuss what is happening in our city, the towns, and the county.
It is also a vehicle for the residents to come and ask questions and make comments for them to answer.
Charlie is one of the few who is a regular contributor.
He just posted a long list of items that had Mr. Molino's stamp on doesn't mean Molino went out and did the actual work. Maybe the trio of Tom, Dick and Harry did.
It is only human nature to look at the person at the top and make him/her the reason for everything that goes wrong in our community. I know I've done it, too.
But fair is fair.
I give Charlie a great deal of credit for coming here. Too bad the others don't follow his lead.

Sep 10, 2009, 7:11pm Permalink
John Roach

The City Manager has a contract that was made public when he was hired.

That contract calls for a performance review every year and should have been done in April. For some reason it seems it was not done then, but recently done.

It is common when you have a review, under a contract like his, that if you receive a good review, a pay raise might be in order.

Council could have just said no raise, or could have renegotiated a few changes in the contract before giving a raise, but didn’t. That was a GROUP decision, that's why I said cut Charlie some slack. And since it involved a personnel matter, we will not know for sure how many agreed to the raise, but since none of the Council members have come out against it, I bet it was unanimous.

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Robert Bennett

It appears that Jason has done a good job and the numbers support that. Since it hasn't been mentioned yet and everyone seems to think that Jason makes so much simply because it's more than they make I did a quick search on the pay of city managers. I found the pay scale of city managers with ten years experience, I have no idea how much Jason has, to be $69,300 to $141,000 with the median being nearly $89,000. Even at about $83,500 Jason is quite a bit below that.

And as far as retro-active raises they are actually not as uncommon as you might think, especially in jobs involving unions or budgets. The fiscal year ends in April and often people are given raises at the new budget but the funds are not yet available so they continue to work under their old pay scale and when funding is available they receive the retro pay.

Sep 10, 2009, 10:51pm Permalink
Mark Potwora

Robert when you say city ,how large population wise are these cities..We are one of the smallest cities in the country with only 15,000 people.We shouldn't even be considered a city...Also how much does the town of Batavia pay their supervisor..

Sep 10, 2009, 11:15pm Permalink
Timothy Paine

Mark, that's comparing apples to oranges. Population is just a portion of what constitutes a City. Look at the departments he's in charge of. Police, Fire, DPW, Water, inspections, City Hall staff and more. I beleive there are almost 180 City employees (not positive on the number). He's responsble for the budget, union contracts, personel benefits and the actual bricks and mortar of the City. I beleive I was told once that the Town is responsible for plowing 62 miles of road. We have more streets then that to plow. Not saying Mr. Post doesn't do a great job or that his is easier, just the opposite in fact. They're just two, quite different jobs.

Sep 11, 2009, 12:16am Permalink
bud prevost

Mary- to answer your question, Mayor Duffy makes 128,000 a year, and he turned down his past raise.

Let me put this out much does the school admin/superintendent make in any given district? Are their responsibilities THAT much greater than that of Mr. Molino? Where is the uproar there?

Batavia may be one of the smallest cities in the USA, but it's HUUUUUUGE on drama!

Sep 11, 2009, 6:58am Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Bud, drama is right! People are making a fortune off the public dole all around us and the focus is on probably the lowest paid administrator in the area. There are countless government employees making FAR more than Jason in this county. But, his petty enemies choose to attack him because he has a backbone and recommended cut backs and changes to what was a very wasteful City Hall.

Sep 11, 2009, 8:15am Permalink
Karen Miconi

Robert, thanks for the info. The fact still remains that the city manager is just doing the job he is being payed for, right? That doesn't mean he deserves a gold metal, bonus, or a raise. Charlie you said he made "cutbacks and changes" to the city. Why then is he getting another raise? He should take the example set by Mayor Duffy. Instead of being money hungry, he declined his raise. What that tells me about him, is he wants to help Rochester. Mayor Duffy makes 128,000 to run Rochester, population 207,000. Mayor Brown makes 105,000 to run one of the "biggest citys" in the US. "That cant be right" ( Buffalo City population 292,648, and metro area 1,170,111). Our city manager makes 83,500, plus perks? (Batavia city population 15,000). I think he is being payed plenty for his position, and with the economy, should be thankful and happy for it.

Sep 11, 2009, 10:29am Permalink
Rich Martin

Bottom line...After reading all the comments and reading between the lines ..the real issue here is not the boy wonder or his salary. Is he worth the money he's making..I think it's high but a contract is a contract. Look at those financial industry hairballs who rewarded themselves huge bonuses after the colapse and bailout.
The real issue is frustration with the bumbling council and thier poor timing, the ever increasing taxes,the local and national economy that's in the toilet, and the general feeling of helplessness that things are going to get worse before they get better. I would also like to point out that if you put yourself in the public eye you had better have the intestinal fortitude to take a few hits from time to time because not everyone is going to see things as you do ...CHARLIE...petty enimies..I see them as irate citizens who are a bit tired of having to swallow what is being dished out by city hall

Sep 11, 2009, 9:01am Permalink
Karen Miconi

You are Right Rich. Its just not needed right now, and in bad taste by all involved. It's sending the wrong message to the taxpayers. Its like a slap in the face, in the face of the poor economy. Your right the citizens are sick of eating crow, and having to settle for this, with no voice in the matter...

Sep 11, 2009, 9:11am Permalink
Bea McManis

Posted by Karen Miconi on September 11, 2009 - 9:11am
Your right the citizens are sick of eating crow, and having to settle for this, with no voice in the matter...

You do have a voice in the matter, it's called voting.
But, by your own admission, you don't vote.
Just think that ONE vote might have turned the tide on who is sitting on the council.

Sep 11, 2009, 9:17am Permalink
Karen Miconi

Bea my one little vote will mean nothing. I dont trust the voting process anyway. I get my point across just fine without having to vote, and dont have to feel guilty when voters are unhappy with the results. Its just fine with me not voting, but I appreciate your efforts.

Sep 11, 2009, 9:29am Permalink
Tom Gilliatt

Now that I my self really think about this and my own posts to this maybe it is not so much the wage increase for Mr. Molino that is pissing the people off but how the government as a whole keeps sucking up tax money from the people and wanting more that Mr. Molino kind of gets caught in the mix so to speak.

Just my $0.02 on the matter.


Sep 11, 2009, 9:31am Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

Karen, then your opinion on this matter means nothing. Thanks for your lack of input. Vote, and your opinion and your voice will be heard, as thousands have people have fought and died for your right to do that.

Sep 11, 2009, 9:36am Permalink
Karen Miconi

Chelsea, people havent died for me to vote silly. I dont trust the government as far as I can throw them. I love our country and will defend her in my own way. I will do whatever I choose to, and some day, you will open your mind, and see that we live in a free country. We are all different, have opinions and views on things, regardless if we vote or not. Think what you want and I will do the same. There is no need for me to argue with you. My focus is on the ones who lost their lives on 9/11. That has nothing to do with voting. Please refrain from picking a fight, and try to focus and pray for all the innocent people that died from the terrorist attack. That is what today is about for me.

Sep 11, 2009, 10:03am Permalink
Ray Yacuzzo

Karen, Bob Duffy is the Mayor of Rochester, and a great guy.
Rich, You referred to the 'Bumbling council'. From a non-Batavian's viewpoint, I have seen a remarkable improvement in the city council and the city's financial position over the last couple of years. Charlie Mallow was no small part of this.

Sep 11, 2009, 10:06am Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Rich, your advice is really a threat to anyone who would dare follow my lead. Don’t worry; I don’t see many in office who are stupid enough to answer questions online in the future. Like Bud says our little town has way too much drama.

When I post, I am also speaking to the majority of people who come to this site for information. I answer questions the best I can and do my best to ignore the trolls and their baseless insults.

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Bea McManis

Posted by Karen Miconi on September 11, 2009 - 10:03am
Chelsea, people havent died for me to vote silly.

Revolutionary War Died 4,435
War of 1812 Died 2,260
World War I Died 53,402
World War II Died 291,557

...and you don't think that those who gave their lives weren't fighting to preserve the liberty you cherish? Part of that liberty is the right to vote.

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Howard B. Owens

The act of not voting is voting. It's a legitimate right not to vote. People are free to choose their level of participation.

Of course, I also think a person damages his or her credibility to carp about how a government is run and then admit the biggest contribution that can be made toward change -- voting -- has been avoided.

And more so than any other level, the local vote means the most and has the most impact.

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Chelsea O'Brien

I'm not trying to pick a fight. As a woman and a mother you should vote simply because of how hard people in our history have fought for that right for you. People have died, the revolutionary war got you that right. The multiple women's movements have earned you the right to vote. And having children means you should vote simply to make sure their future is what you would like to have.

You choose to not vote, I choose to not listen to your opinions on the government.

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John Roach

1st, Bob Duffy is a mayor who is playing politics by not taking the raise. And, it is a nice touch and great public relations. After being reelected, he’ll probably take his raise. Of course, he is the retired Police Chief also, getting a nice check, right?

Jason is a hired employee. That is a big difference. He is hired by and works for the City Council. They gave him a contract. They told him that if he does certain things and meets certain goals, he is considered for a raise. He did his part and Council is living up to its end of the deal. Maybe contracts don’t mean much to you.

The problem is people who don’t vote, but complain. This year, there are 6 people running for city office. You don’t have to vote for everyone. Find at least one you can like and trust and vote for that person. Get out there and vote!

And there have been too many cases where one vote did make a difference. True, tie votes are rare, but we did have one here in Batavia in the 1990’s.

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Karen Miconi

Thats ok Chels, that fine with me. I understand your points of view too. I just dont vote. I dont believe or trust government, that all. I still love my country, and the people who give their lives to fight for her. I always say thank you for your service when I see veterans. I frequent the VA with my father, and have much respect for the sacrifice they all have made for their country. Im expecially saddened by the Vietnaum Vets. Man they sure got a raw deal.

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Julie A Pappalardo


"The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in 1919, the states ratified it in 1920." From Wiki

VOTE girl VOTE!! Women got ROCKS thrown at them so that you could vote!!!

At least in local elections!! These are the folks that can (and usually ALWAYS do) raise your property taxes!

Sometimes these City Council elections can come down to a few votes! YOURS could be the deciding factor (after all the BS recounts)

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Karen Miconi

Jullllllless!! OK, Im Sorry!! I understand what you all are trying to convey to me. Thank You for your efforts. Howard I asked you to take this non-voting, Batavian addict, off the site so I wont feel the need to blogg my opinions anymore. So Do It How!

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Bea McManis

Posted by Karen Miconi on September 11, 2009 - 10:54am
Thats ok Chels, that fine with me. I understand your points of view too. I just dont vote. I dont believe or trust government, that all. I still love my country, and the people who give their lives and fight for her. I always say thank you for your service when I see veterans. I frequent the VA with my father, and have much respect for the sacrifice they all have made for their country. Im ecpecially saddened by the Vietnaum Vets. Man they sure got a raw deal.

I'm not picking a fight either, but how can you possibly believe that people haven't died for your right to vote?
You sound patriotic, which I applaud, but explain why you believe those who gave their lives doesn't impact our right to vote?

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Rich Martin

Charlie I mean no threat I was just stating a fact. And as far as the drama is concerned, city hall business done behind closed doors perpetuates drama just look at the controversy over the deal with the fire dept. union. as just one example. And before you get up on your horse, yes I realize what is involved to run a city government and the tough decissions that have to be made. But just like paying taxes I do it but it doesn't mean I like it.

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Karen Miconi

Bea, They fought for our freedom. Does that mean our right to vote? Yes, but they fought, and still fight, for so much more than that dont they? I do understand what you mean Bea. I think we should just move on now.

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Bea McManis

Thanks, Howard
Closer to home:
One of the earliest documents, dated March 15, 1848, is a petition that was sent to the New York Assembly by forty-four women from Darien and Covington (Wyoming County) that stated: "That your Declaration of Independence, that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed and as women have never consented to, been represented in or recognized by this government, it is evident that in justice no allegiance can be claimed for them." This petition requested that the State abolish all laws which were unjust toward married women. After researching the list of names we found that these women were all married and possibly were members of a local Grange. This document illustrates that the rural farm wives were beginning to organize and this was one of the first steps toward the Women's Suffrage Movement which was active at the turn of the century.

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Charlie Mallow

Rich, I know you didn’t mean a threat but, perceptions are a very strange thing. Yours are not in line with mine.

Let me ask you a question, would your boss talk about your pay or confidential matters in the paper or online? What if he did, how would you perceive that and what would that do to your morale at work? Would you sue your employer for defamation or if you belong to a union for divulging information that he had no right to do? How about if a judge told your employer to shut his stinking mouth about these matters, would you have a case against him and the shareholders who owned the company? You call the city secretive for doing the same exact thing that all businesses and local governments do to protect themselves and their citizens from legal action. Howard is right the city doesn’t have to hold onto confidential employee information but, there is a steep downside for doing anything else with it. Calling Council people secretive for not acting irresponsibly is an insult. The fact is the moment we could we sat down with the press and answered every question they had.

You say I’m on a high horse but, yet here I am talking to you. Don’t you think I would perceive that as an insult?

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John Roach

You left one thing out. Jason has to deal with the whole Council at his evalutation, each one reviews him.

Most people, if they are evaluated at all, have only one
person do it and maybe another to monitor the process. Not many have to face a whole panel.

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Rich Martin

Posted by Charlie Mallow on September 11, 2009 - 12:46pm
"Rich, I know you didn’t mean a threat but, perceptions are a very strange thing. Yours are not in line with mine."

No truer words have been spoken than the last sentence quoted above.
Your rant mixed the public sector with the private sector. This whole thread began when the announcement was made to give Molino a raise. His pay is public, his job is public and the people he works for is the public.
As for your question.. May I ask what the hell your talking about? I don't want to know anything about his personal life, That was never an issue. The only thing we know is what he gets paid. It's public information. The closed door sessions concerning public matters that effect the citizens of Batavia is what irks me.

Oh and by the way that last comment about being here talking to me....what does that supposed to mean ...that you are better than me??? Tell me ...Should I percieive that as an insult? or perhaps just shut my mouth and get "in line"

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Charlie Mallow

Rich, we have a failure to communicate.You made these statements.

“City hall business done behind closed doors perpetuates drama”
“Before you get up on your horse”

My response was an explanation as to why these statements are just your perception. I tried to explain the reasoning behind the questions you raised.

You seem to be thinking I’m debating you or arguing with you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Richard Gahagan

Howard you need to give away a free vacation to somewhere out of the doldrums of batavia. Give it to Charlie or Jason for having to deal with these jamokes on a daily basis. Its not even winter yet and everyone is going mentally ill up there. I couldn't tell you what anyone makes in public office down here. Ya know why? Nobody cares people have jobs, and are to busy out enjoying themselves to care about what a fireman makes or if a city manager got a raise, their living their lives, and oh yeah it is football season and the Bills still suck.

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Mark Janofsky

Wow, some of you have a lot of time on your hands during the middle of the work day.

Richard, that’s a rude statement. I like to think of them as win challenged. lol

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John Roach

This all still comes down to Jason being an employee of the City Council.

They have a contract with him. They followed the contract.

Don't like it, don't like the fact he got a raise, then vote for a new council in November.

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Mark Janofsky

John, every Election Day I go to vote at about 8:45 PM. I ask the volunteers, “how many?” In a non-presidential year, about 25% show up to do their civic duty. I wonder how many more in my ward are not even registered. Said isn’t it.

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John Roach

very sad. People complain, but then give up the chance to change things, saying why bother. That's a cop out for being too lazy.

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Michael Del Plato

You all know this raise for Jason is bad timing,
we the people are hurting.Just look around our city,
homes for sale, and I mean there's lots of them.Vacant
homes and businesses. High unemployment and I could go
Maybe Mr.Molino deserves a raise? But if he has any class , the money he makes now for what Batavia has
to offer for its residents, he should decline to take a raise.
Again , I had to take a 15% pay cut when I get
a work call.Also a 18 month pension deferral. I only got called into work 7 days this summer. And I lost my health insurance, have to pay out of pocket.
I never see any city officials or worker take any concessions. WHY NOT ? ARE THEY TOO GOOD !
Maybe Jason should offer to take a 15% pay cut too !

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