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Couple caught in full embrace in Oakfield parking lot

By Howard B. Owens

A Genesee County couple was arrested at 8:30 a.m. and charged with public lewdness.

The couple was allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse in the parking lot of Santino's Pizza in Oakfield.

To save the couple further embarrassment, we're withholding the names, though they were released. The woman is 21 and from Le Roy. The man is 27 and from Oakfield.

Laura Scarborough

My first response LOL what a couple of dumb@sses then I thought about that parking lot it's very public (at the intersection of Rt63 & Rt262) and very open, at 8:30pm w/school not in session yet there might have been kids witness to this..... someone had witnessed it to be able to call the police.

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Gary Spencer

I suppose it is nice of you to not release the names to save them the further embarrassment (bare-ass! lol)
However maybe they should have thought of that before they engaged in this activity, as far as I am concerned, I say release the names! There was much conversation here last week when Chris Cook was sentenced about the details of his case being embarrassing and that it was all public knowledge, but now we don't want to embarrass these adults who were breaking the law and making very poor choices?? I don't know Howard sounds like you're getting soft!

Maybe we can vote? All in favor of releasing the names??

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Peter O'Brien

If it were a pair of dogs would they have been stopped?

My point is who cares if a kid did see it. I image they were there stark naked. If the kid knows what was happening, then seeing it isn't going to change much. If the kid didn't, no harm no foul. Lie when they ask what was happening.

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Doug Yeomans

Maybe a bucket of cold water would've been better than arrest. Sounds to me like young people being young and having pervy fun..something they'll laugh about years from now or already are. Of course they knew better but lets all think about what it was like being that age.

Like peter said, who cares if a kid saw it? OMG mom and dad better NEVER let their children hear them making whoopie or catch them in the buff. Well, depending on mom or dad's physical appearance the kids may or may not be traumatized.

Howard, I see you feel they really did nothing to warrant a criminal record or you'd have posted their names. You're a good man for that but think about this. They were openly copulating where they knew people would see them and I'm sure that was their intent. Post their names so they gain all the glory they wanted :-)

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Doug Yeomans

Karen, are you saying that everyone in Oakfield should get out their fireproof umbrellas because God is going to smite thee with brimstone and fire? I'll be sure to not look in the direction of Oakfield for fear of being turned to a pillar of salt :-)

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Howard B. Owens

I knew somebody would bring out the double-standard charge.

We're talking about a victimless crime. There's no indication this act wasn't entirely and anything but consensual by two adults. To me, consensual sex is a private matter. Given how judgmental some people are about pre-marital sex (assuming that's the case here), the woman especially, but even the man, doesn't need her name made public.

The Scarlet Letter days are long past.

And though drug use is arguably victimless, it sometime leads to other crimes and other societal hardships. In the case of Mr. Cook, since he was brought up, he was convicted of felonies that appears related to his admitted drug use, which makes it a public matter.

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Howard B. Owens

Doug, I was posting my last comment while you were posting, so there's pretty much my reply.

BTW: For all who are critical of not posting the names, consider this: We'd have many comments on this post calling me to task for posting the names if I did.

You can't please everybody. I call them as I see them on each individual case and I'm comfortable with this decision.

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Doug Yeomans

Howard, I said you were a good man for not posting their names and that still stands. I wouldn't know who they were anyway and even if I did I'd probably call them and ask them where their next performance was going to be so I could show up with my folding chair, popcorn and soft drink.

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Thomas Gahr

Maybe they were there for take-out

"put in, take out, repeat..."

Thank you, thank you everybody! I'll be appearing all week. Remember to tip your waitresses. Goodnight.

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James Pinson


Anyone been through Oakfield lately? Its all set up for Labor Daze. Whenever all that stuff is up, there is always an increased police presence in the village, in general, and specifically in the area of Triangle Park...RIGHT across the road from this parking lot. The more I think about it, the funnier this gets. What were you two thinking?


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Laura Scarborough

What happened to the old days when you drove out to the country to watch the submarine races? Is it because gas is so expensive that they did not leave the parking lot? I dont want to know names, Howard.... I'm sure it will get out there anyway.

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Bea McManis

No doubt we'll get a response from one or the other telling us what 'good' people they are...or a post from a relative telling us that these people never do anything wrong and people here are too judgemental.

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Laura Scarborough

Do you suppose they are Toronto Blue Jay fans? I'm just glad I didnt see it when I went for my bike ride on Thursday, I would fell off my bike or crashed into a parked car.

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Howard B. Owens

Laura wrote: "I'm sure it will get out there anyway."

Well, if The Batavian doesn't publish it, and WBTA doesn't, who will?

I can't imagine ...

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Laura Scarborough

Howard, you know w/a Small town & with the town's annual event happening just a couple days after..... and right at the same location of the "event".... it will get out there. Oh well.. live & learn. Hope to see you at Labor Daze Howard, we have a race Leicester this weekend, but I always come down to the park most of the days. The Lions Club of Oakfield serves a fantastic Italian sausage w/Peppers & Onions. My Papa and his buddies all take turns doing their shifts. There is always homemade pie across the street at the Church and the parade is quite large.

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Gabor Deutsch

What a crock of "unbiased" reporting. If u pee in an alley and get caught its public lewdness, if a child see's u then your a sex offender. Big time double standard. Get caught swearing ? Your name and address posted. Want to screw around in Public, oh, tee hee unknown individuals ! Of course when you OWN your website you can do as you see fit. (I am shocked). It would have been more acceptable not to post at all. I would understand that. Hmmm, must be that "politics" stuff again......

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Howard B. Owens

Gabor, I already explained the decision. And point to one time when I've ever claimed "unbiased" reporting. I've always said there is no such thing as objective journalism. We all have our own view points. I just try to be as fair, honest and transparent as I can. Other people will always have their own views.

Besides, the idea of bias or unbias is totally irrelevant in this case. I don't even know these people.

Further, you certainly misunderstand the nature of what we do with The Batavian if you think we wouldn't publish this just because we wouldn't use the names: We publish anything of local interest we find interesting. This was very interesting. There was no way I wasn't going to publish it. It's best not to apply the same expectations of us that you apply to the newspaper. We're very different in our approach.

And if you don't like the way I do it, you can always start your own Web site.

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Gabor Deutsch

I guess thats "checkmate". I guess the "we" means you have to take the investors/owners interests and opinions into consideration. I definately dont agree that your "approach" is any different of a newspaper or news website, but when it comes to the promoting of a certain interest factor you definately seem to be on top with selective follow through. I do still enjoy your website and i have no interest in starting my own. At least your not deleting peoples posts for disagreeing with or objecting to news that is posted, or their conflicting points of view. I find that remarkable to be able to do while there is an impossible way to be an unbiased journalist/reporter. (sorry about my grammar and writing i am poor and went to G.C.C.) : )

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