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CSEA was reasonable in negotiations, says Batavia city manager

By Howard B. Owens
Apr 12, 2010, 9:56pm

The bargaining team that represented the City of Batavia's 17 CSEA members were fair negotiating partners, City Manager Jason Molino said tonight after the council unanimously approved a new contract with the union.

The council approved the new five-year agreement without any discussion before the vote.

It's the second time Molino has negotiated a contract with the Civil Service Employees Association. Both times union representatives were realistic about the economic situation they faced, he said.

The first time, four years ago, the city was in deep, dire financial straits. This time, New York is facing massive deficits and a prolonged recession.

"The CSEA has always been very responsive to the city’s needs," Molino said. "They’re set on doing what’s best for the community."

The new contract includes no raise in the first year -- just as the last contract did four years ago -- with graduated raises after that, with raises higher than 2 percent in the fourth and fifth year. The contract also asks for greater contributions from employees for health care.

He said negotiations took six months, and there were no major hurdles. Both sides were willing to lay their issues on the table and discuss them openly.

"Like any negotiation, you’ve got to be willing to work at it and come to the table being willing to compromise," Molino said.

Peter O'Brien

Government workers don't need a union, a contract, or a raise till there is surplus and taxes are reduce by the same amount they've been raised recently. This includes the council.

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