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Director of county nursing home announces retirement

By Howard B. Owens

John Demske, Genesee County Nursing Home administrator, is retiring effective May 14, County Manager Jay Gsell announced late this afternoon to county legislators and staff.

Demske and his wife, Rosemary, intend to stay in the Batavia area and pursue opportunities in education, consulting or private business, said Gsell in an e-mail message.

In an interview after the announcement, Gsell said the county will need to replace Demske immediately, even as the county explores cost-saving options for the nursing home, including possibly selling it. State law requires that the nursing home be managed by a director that is licensed and experienced in running such facilities. When Demske steps aside at 5 p.m. on May 14, a new director must in place and ready to take over.

Demske has been in the long-term-care field, both in the private and public sector, since 1978.

"His son is graduating from college, so one Demske is entering the work force as another one is leaving -- that's what he told me," Gsell said.

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