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Fire union denied application for injunction against disbanding ambulance service

By Howard B. Owens

An application by the firefighters union to prevent the city from disbanding its ambulance service at midnight has been rejected by New York's Public Employment Relations Board.

Both the city and the union received a copy of the decision (PDF) this morning.

David P. Quinn, director of litigation for PERB, ruled that should the city lose the unfair labor practices claim filed by IAFF Local 1896, there are ways that union members can be compensated even if the ambulance unit can't be immediately reinstated.

Union President Greg Ireland was unsurprised by the decision.

"We knew that these applications in New York are rarely very successful," Ireland said. "But if she (a hearing officer at PERB hearing on the matter in Buffalo earlier this month who recommended the union apply) thought it was was worth a try, we thought it was a good idea to give it a shot."

It could also be moot.

As The Batavian first reported last week, the city and union have reached a settlement in the Taylor Law violation dispute that will result in four firefighters keeping their jobs, raises and bonuses for the 36 member department.

The City Council is scheduled to meet on the proposed settlement at 6 p.m.

City Manager Jason Molino was not immediately available for comment.

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