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Fruit Crisps catching on in supermarkets, could soon be on Subway menu

By Howard B. Owens

Batavia-based Brothers-All-Natural's dried-fruit snack, Food Crisps, is proving a hit, according to a Democrat and Chronicle story this morning.

Eschewing advertising, Brothers is relying on in-store samples to help promote the product, according to the story.

A test of the product in two Rochester area Subway restaurants is likely to lead to nationwide distribution.

Earlier this month, the company received word from Subway corporate that it could roll out Fruit Crisps to 200 Rochester-area stores. Expansions to other area markets, including Syracuse, Elmira and Buffalo, are on the horizon, and Brothers-All-Natural executives have met with Subway representatives all over the country in the hopes of expanding Fruit Crisps' reach.

"People were very enthusiastic and anxious to bring the product back to their local areas and show their people," said Matt Betters, co-CEO of Brothers-All-Natural

Locally, I know Fruit Crisps are available at The Olive Branch on Ellicott, but I haven't tried the snack yet -- I bought two bags and my wife ate them before I got a chance.

Andrew Erbell

The two Rochester area Subways must be the LeRoy and Batavia Stores because I've eaten at each recently and the snacks were prominently displayed next to the cash register.

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Dean Norton

As President of New York Farm Bureau I caution the public to read were the Apples for the crisp originates from. These apples are from China not from the US. Why would the Betters not try to source the apples here in New York? New York is the second leading apple producer in the US behind Washington State. We have growers here who would love the opportunity provide these apples. Caution, remember we here in the US have the safest food supply in the world. Can we say that about China??? Remember the baby formula!!!!!!!!!

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Tony Russell

As President of Ignorant Society of America, I believe we found a new memeber with Dean. Now I'm not saying that I believe all Chinese products are safe, but to say that the US has the safest food supply is just ignorant. Does anyone remember the tiny issue we just had with Peanut Butter? How many hundreds of products were recalled? Oh wait, the peanut butter was made in China, right? Wrong. Made in the good old USA.

The Daily News did an article last week about this. It said NYS doesn't produce enough apples for their production needs (60 million apples per month). You should read the article.

I tried the product last week at Subway after I read the article. Its good and the fact that its a local company makes it better. I wish them luck, as well.

Its one thing if you don't like the product, but if you say blindly not to buy a product because its made in China, you just sound ignorant.

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Dean Norton

Ignorant? I would not be speaking out if i was ignorant and yes I have read the article! I represent the farming community in New York State and I would not be doing my job if I let this pass.You bring up a good point about the peanut butter but you glossed over the tainted dog food,toothpaste, lead painted toys and many other adulterated items that we have receive from China in the last 2 years alone. You missed the point I was trying to make. We have growers going out of business here in the US because the market is flooded with imported apple crisps and apple concentrate from China. Instead of looking overseas should we not be trying to support our local growers??? New yorks apple production for 2008 was over 3 Billion bushels so I think we can cover the 720 million need to make fruit crisps. Doesnt your local grower deserve that opportunity??

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Charlie Mallow

I have to agree with Dan and Dean. I have a real problem with food from China. I’m sure these crisps are fine and I’ll even give them a try but, it would be nice if they were grown locally.

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Russ Stresing

Really? A guy who has been elected by the agricultural community is 'ignorant'?

And the fact that its made by a local company doesn't carry the weight it would if that company supported the local community. Agriculture is the <b>single biggest</b> commercial contributor to our local economy. For a local food manufacturer to bypass local growers is symptomatic of the attitude that's helped drive us into the current disaster. "Whatever's good for me is good enough for everyone". Thousands of people in this area depend on local farmers. Why shouldn't we take exception to a local company that doesn't want to be part of the community?

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Lorie Longhany

Just had the banana/strawberry and the apple flavor with my subway dinner and they're good.....but I am disappointed that they are not made from local produce or at the very least US grown. It does say Made in China on the label. And no, I don't trust Chinese products with their lack of regulations -- especially food. Who knows what is getting sprayed on that fruit. Doesn't it seem strange to see that label on food?

Local food is safer, it supports our local economy, is good for the environment, and protects us from the threat of bio terrorism. Lobbying this producer to use local growers or at least apples and strawberries grown in the US would make a much more attractive product for me the consumer.

A better solution --
A much more sustainable solution that actually promotes a local economy.

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It's becoming a trend lately to not listen to what is being said.

"Its one thing if you don't like the product, but if you say blindly not to buy a product because its made in China, you just sound ignorant."

Sounding ignorant is much different than being ignorant.

Just making a casual observation.

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Andrew Erbell


Your argument to buy local produce isn't very effective if you can't even convince yourself to not purchase a food product imported from China. If you were that concerned about it, why did you then knowingly buy and eat it?

Mar 19, 2009, 9:21pm Permalink
Jean Marie

Being that Tony Russell just joined this community of The to respond to this article......maybe, just maybe he is afiliated with Betters Brothers !

Mar 19, 2009, 9:26pm Permalink
Russ Stresing

It may seem personal, but you suck at this.

<i>"why did you then knowingly buy and eat it?"</i> Where does it say that there was knowledge beforehand? Dude, that's Faux News tactics. Make yourself a harder target.

Mar 19, 2009, 9:43pm Permalink
Andrew Erbell

Gee, I don't know. 12 hours after the original story was posted, Lorie wrote she had that very product with a meal today, as in, after reading about it here. What does; "It does say Made in China on the label." from her post mean to you? She ate it and then read the label? Who buys something and reads a content label after the fact if he/she has concerns about what's inside?

And "dude", I don't give a rip you what your personal opinion of me is.

Mar 19, 2009, 10:47pm Permalink
Russ Stresing

Sure you do. You said "dude". Btw, what's a 'rip'? Is that like saying "cheerio, pip,pip"?

Andie, hard as it is for you to stay on subject, what's your issue with what Dean said?

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Lorie Longhany

I actually assumed that this was a locally or US grown and locally produced product until just tonight. I skimmed through this post this morning -- it may have been the trigger that persuaded me to pick up the two flavors prominently displayed on the counter at the cash register while paying for my subs at the LeRoy Subway. I had tried the apple flavor a few months ago when they had samples at a place that I work so it was not my first time consuming Crisps. After bringing dinner home and sharing the Crisps with my husband (who liked them very much, especially the bananas) I then jumped on the Batavian and I learned from Mr Norton that they originate from China. That prompted me to pull the package out of the recycling bin, put on my reading glasses and see for myself. Low and behold -- 'Product of China' right on the back of the label like Mr Norton commented above.

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Gabor Deutsch

Besides my full faith in the FDA, the best thing i enjoy is feeding my kids with a food product from china that has that special tainted lead filled goodness.
International foods does not equal local business. its a distributor with a wharehouse.

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