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Gardner Society meets at Pok-A-Dot for annual reading

By Howard B. Owens

Last year, I couldn't make the John Gardner reading at the Pok-A-Dot because my parents were visiting. This year, I had to cover the Notre Dame game. As I told Bill Kauffman, "Like they say in baseball, maybe next year."

Thanks to Charley Boyd for posting this video of Kauffman opening the 13th annual event.

George Richardson

What a great writer John was. I just read Nickel Mountain a couple of weeks ago and could barely put it down. My favorite novel by him is Mickelsson's Ghost. It has a few dry spells and gets overly intellectual a bit, here and there, but all in all it is mezmerizing literature at its very best.

Oct 25, 2009, 10:54am Permalink

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