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GOP just trying to survive in NY congressional races

By Howard B. Owens

According to Associated Press writer Devlin Barrett, New York's GOP leaders are girding for a slaughter on election day.

Several GOP congressional seats in the state could be lost.

"We are going to see a loss of House seats," said Rep. Tom Reynolds, a western New York Republican and power-broker who decided not to seek re-election this year. "The pendulum is coming and it's knocking a lot of people off their horses."


When Reynolds came to Congress in 1998, he was one of 13 New York Republicans. This year, he is one of six. In a few months, it could be four, three, or even two. The only truly safe GOP House seats in New York are held by John McHugh in the North Country and Peter King on Long Island.

There are many reasons for the fall: increasing Democratic registration, an unpopular Republican president, and a weakening of the state's conservative organization.

A Rasmussen poll shows that across the country, Democrats are leading Republicans in generic congressional races.

UPDATE: Rasmussen is calling the 26th district, where Republicans enjoy a registration advantage, a "toss up."

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