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House in Le Roy condemned after shifting off foundation

By Howard B. Owens

The renters of a home at 26 Union St. in the Village of Le Roy got a couple of free nights in a hotel after a county code enforcement officer condemned their dwelling Saturday night.

The Le Roy Fire Department initially responded to a call of a possible gas leak, but Chief William Wood said today there was no leak. The renters, he said, were advised to call the fire department after noticing a shift in the foundation to ensure there was no gas in the house.

"The shift was gradual, but over the past couple of days, it's moved quite a bit," Wood said.

Wood said he knew immediately that the building needed to be condemned, but wanted a code enforcement officer to confirm the decision. The Le Roy code enforcement officer was out of town, and none of the code enforcement officers from surrounding jurisdictions thought they had the authority to respond to the scene. Eventually, Tim Yaeger, Genesee County emergency coordinator, authorized the county's code enforcement officer to respond.  He condemned the house.

Wood didn't know where the renters might be following the two nights of accommodations provided by the Red Cross, but they can't move back into the house until the owner repairs the foundation.

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