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July 16, 2009 - 1:21pm

Jelly Belly RV Tour rolls into Oliver's Candies in Batavia

posted by Howard B. Owens in batavia, Oliver's Candies.


It's been non-stop kids since 11 a.m. at Oliver's Candies, where the Jelly Belly RV made a stop today.  The RV will be at Oliver's until 3 p.m.


George Richardson
George Richardson's picture
Last seen: 10 years 7 months ago
Joined: Dec 10 2008 - 9:33am
I would like a pound of the Skunk Spray jellybeans and a quarter pound of Baby Vomit. I've always wondered exactly what that tastes like. Forget the Baby Wipes, I've had those before.
Richard Gahagan
Richard Gahagan's picture
Last seen: 11 years 10 months ago
Joined: Nov 18 2008 - 4:29pm
Hey that's quite a crowd of people. Looks like there having fun too. The sheriffs and troopers better put up some road blocks around there and end that pronto.

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