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New feature: Forums

By Howard B. Owens

Here at The Batavian, we're in a constant mode of making improvements and upgrades to the site.

One feature requested a while back was discussion boards, or forums, a place for people to start their own topics of conversation.

Tom Gilliatt, whom many of you have known as Tom G since the site launched, has agreed to help monitor and manage the forums.

Thanks, btw, to both Tom and Gabor for recently changing their user profile to include their full real name to comply with our requirement for real names on the site. 

You can reach the discussion boards through the Forums link in the navigation bar across the top of the Web page.

Gabor Deutsch

Great Job Tom G.
I like the new changes to your yard sale. I loved watchin SNL clip. I have not tried the forums yet but I Thank You in advance for graciously being involved. The Batavian Website seems to get bigger and better (unlike government). It is great that members are allowed to get involved other than just posting.

Jan 11, 2009, 1:37pm Permalink
Tom Gilliatt

Thanks and ya that SNL video made me cry from laughing so hard and as for the yard sale site thanks for the compliment it took along time for it to get this far and Howard it a big help in letting me advertise here in exchange for watching over the new forums.


Jan 11, 2009, 1:51pm Permalink
JT Hunt

it's nice that folks can start their own topics and forums now. is it just me or have there been LESS updates and volume of info posted on this site lately? not much news or maybe just mid - winter duldrums?

Jan 13, 2009, 7:46pm Permalink

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