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Now you can blog on The Batavian

By Howard B. Owens

Earlier today, I told you that soon you, too, could blog on The Batavian.

Our crack programming staff made it happen sooner than expected.  You can blog now.

How's that for soon?

All registered users have a blog by default.  To submit a post, once you're logged in, look for the "Create Content" link on the left of the page.  Click it.  The next page will have a link for "Blog Post." Click that link.  You'll then have a page that asks you to type a headline, some keywords related to your post (called "tags"), and then a text-entry area with some buttons that will remind you of Microsoft Word.

Write your post.

Scroll to the bottom where you will find "Save" and "Preview" buttons. Preview allows you to review your post before it goes live (though you still have an option to edit after it is live). When you click "Save" the post will be posted live to the site.

Your post will not appear on the home page automatically. 

At every opportunity, Philip and I will review blog posts and publish to the home page any we find of sufficiently broad interest or newsworthiness. 

Since only selected posts appear on the home page, this gives you the option to create a purely personal blog, if you like (it will still be public, but not as prominent).

Right now, your blog will have something of an ugly URL (like mine here), but eventually we'll fix the URLs so that your blog's URL identifies your username.

Have fun blogging!

Authentically Local