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Photo: The Green Dune Buggy

By Howard B. Owens

Driving back from the Corfu fire, I spotted this green dune buggy in front of Pellegrino's Auto Sales. Turns out it's Joe's summer ride. It's a 1965 VW. Joe said he bought it out of state three years ago and it only has 69,000 original miles on it. It's not for sale.

Speaking of Bugs, I saw a Love Bug VW on Ellicott Street the other day, but couldn't get turned around to go back and get a picture.

Sheryl Smigelski


I see that bug everyday on West Main Street, I am headed east and it is headed west. Usually around 8:45 in the morning. Go sit by Denny's.

Jun 18, 2010, 5:46pm Permalink

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