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Scott DeSmit: Bickering council members destroy Batavia -- someday

By Howard B. Owens

The Saturday/Sunday edition of the Daily News contains a rather odd, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi fantasy narrative by Scott DeSmit in which he puts himself in a benighted Batavia. How far hence, we are not told.

A man is peering out from behind his door. I see the glistening barrel of his gun and I keep walking, keeping tight to what is left of the sidewalk.

A newspaper. Almost intact.

I reach down and scoop it up. A rat skitters away.

"Last of City Council Disbands" the headline reads.

Ahhh. I remember that. Three of them, as I recall. Mallow, Bialkowski and Cox.

Ahhh. So lurking within the vitriol and sniping that is what passes for dialogue between these three men is a Batavia of buckled sidewalks, parks gone to seed, creek water that will melt skin and a Sheriff who has barricaded the city's borders.

A little over the top, don't you think, Scott?

While the animosity and bitter words over what amount to rather trivial issues (when compared to the big question of the final resolution of the mall) might impede progress. It's takes a pretty active imagination -- which Scott clearly has -- to expect their bickering to lead to walled off Batavia.

That said, point taken, Scott -- and one we don't disagree with: These men need to stop arguing and get down to business. The mall has got to go, and they should busy themselves generating a plan and public support to make it happen.


Charlie Mallow

Scott’s thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. The city is progressing. We are about to announce with our audit that the cities deficit has almost been eliminated. We have several infrastructure rebuilding projects underway. We are on the fast track of consolidation and planning for the future. The issues that have kept Batavia city government in the dark ages are being addressed one by one.

The argument about the mall is another step towards the future. We have a choice to make. Stay with the status quo or move forward. This argument is about those who would keep things the same to make a small group of people happy, against those who are willing to take a chance and try a different road.

We as a city need to accept our failures and learn from them. Our city will never prosper with that mall in the center of it, that is fact. It will be a long process to fix what was destroyed. If it is what we choose to do, it will cost more and take longer but, it is clear to me that we must get started and find a plan.

As for Scott and the paper. They talk down the “bickering” but, they have written three stories about the problem since the last letter was sent, not including Scott’s. Papers live off of fighting politicians, it’s just like stories on burning buildings, they can’t help themselves. A scolding from the paper is a joke, they are in on it and help fan the flames.

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daniel cherry

I really enjoy scott desmitt.His style of writing is fantastic, even though its a little surreal it's very entertaining don't ya think?At least he says what he's thinking.Is'nt the batavian in some way afilliated to the daily news??..dan

Aug 17, 2008, 6:00pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

Not everyone likes controversy, sometimes though, controversy is the only thing that can create progress.

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