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Stabbing at Darien Lake concert

By Howard B. Owens

A person has been stabbed near the beer gardens at Darien Lake Theme Park.

The victim's leg was cut by the knife and the artery was hit.

UPDATE: FWIW, at Darien tonight is "Cruefest – Motley Crue with Godsmack," and it appears to be the final concert on the Darien Lake schedule for the season.


I'm not surprised. I worked there for a few months and always kept a multi-tool on my belt, a pocket knife clipped on my back pocket, and a mini multi-tool on my keys.

I went up there one day with friends on my day off, as a guest, not an employee. Walked right through the main gate, past the metal detectors and security. I still had my multi-tools and pocket knife on me. I didn't realize this until after I left the park.

Note that I was employed as a technician.

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Robert Bennett

Yeah, the security search is pretty bad. Anyone could easily bring a weapon on anything else into the concerts. I saw multiple flasks throughout the night, just as an example.

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There's a few other security problem that I noticed when I worked there. The main gate entrance is the only entrance that is searched by security. I said something to some of the management people and got yelled at for it.

There are other entrances to the park that have virtually no security. Especially the employee entrance.

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Jason Murray

doubtful on the better searches. ive been to at least 4 concerts this summer and not once was i searched. i was actually in the area the person was stabbed at. it was during a mosh pit and the stabbing wasnt intentional. everybody was all over everybody with fist flying during the songs, but if somebody was knocked down everybody rushed to pick them up and when the song was over instead of fists it was high fives till the next song came on and it was fists all over again. even during all the chaos the guys were always mindful of the girls that were in the pit, yeah they were getting pushed and bumped into but they were never intentionally punched

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Howard B. Owens

I would assume this was an unsheathed knife of some kind -- how could it not be intentional? You don't pull a blade out in a mosh pit without acknowledge that somebody is going to get cut. There's no such thing as an accident in that situation.

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nick driscoll

howard have you never ever moshed? everybody takes out their blades and being mindful of everyones flesh does not cut anybody unless its a mistake. if someone does get cut they just high five and buy a $20 beer. rock on!

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Howard B. Owens

Last time I was in a mosh pit was before they were called mosh pits, back when all the cretins pogoed. Stopped about the time a friend suffered a compound fracture.

But even if it's common, doesn't mean it isn't irresponsible and criminal if somebody gets hurt.

This guy nearly died (I might have more on that later -- working on getting more info).

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nick driscoll

i once heard a theory that people mosh because they were not hugged enough as babies and they listen to angry music and need whatever human contact that they can get. makes sense to me. think about it rock and rollers

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Knives and blades aren't toys.

I'm not going to go into a long winded discussion on safety, however, it goes without saying anyone that would pull out a blade while moshing shouldn't be carrying a blade in the first place. Period.

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