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Today's Poll: What do you like about winter?

By Howard B. Owens
lazario Ladou

Our snow is what makes WNY
I think we should be able to take advantage of it somehow
Buffalo to Syracuse and southern tier should be doing well in the wintertime

This past snow was just a mess
More often than not -it seems- our snows turn this drab area into a little tiny bit of a wonderland
Views from inside your home can be magical sometimes
Views from nature are almost always

Go to CA or FL in the humid summer to take advantage of beaches
Leave during the winter?
Cuddle up inside next to a fire?
Maybe after coming inside tired from your enjoyment of the outdoors

It's 70 inside
pretty much always is
if it's nice to huddle beside a fire in winter
it's nice to do so practically anytime of the year

I think you have to earn that fireside cocoa
to respect the warmth of the fire you have to be cold
To enjoy the fire don't you need to enjoy the cold
I don't see how you can like one aspect of something and not another and yet remain respectful of the something

I personally don't really love humid, hot days
It's that I don't -try- to enjoy them that is the problem
I do my best to avoid

I believe that to truly enjoy you have to toss all the garbage in your mind that people would like for you to believe
That can be difficult but it is always worth it

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