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Town of Batavia taking steps to address contaminated well water issues

By Howard B. Owens

More wells in the area of Bank Street and Townline roads have tested positive for e-coli bacteria, according to Town Supervisor Greg Post.

With 25 percent of the 55 wells checked in that area testing positive, Post said it's time for the town to make free well tests available to all homeowners in the town.

And the town is also ready to help neighborhoods that want to switch to public water get started on that process.

"I would have a hard time as town supervisor if I denied somebody even on the other side of town help if they had the same issue," Post said.

In an unattributed press release from the Town of Batavia, officials say well contamination is a serious issue that demands immediate attention. The town is working with the Genesee County Health Department to determine the extent of contamination.

From the press release:

It's the Town's experience that wells within the Town are highly susceptible to well contamination during spring thaw. The Town strongly encourages any Town of Batavia property owners that do not currently have public water to contact the Genesee County Department of Health at 585-344-2580 and request a one-time sampling. The Genesee County Health Department will collect the sample and plot the location of the water well with a GPS survey device. These samples are funded by the Town of Batavia. You may request a test for coliform bacteria and nitrates. The results of the test will be available at Batavia Town Hall.

Any property owners who are interested in public water are encouraged to notify the town in writing (either with an informal petition, by individual letter or e-mail). In areas of concentrated interest, the Town will begin the process of seeking grant funding to extend public water to those areas.

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