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Who and what can be posted to The Batavian

By Howard B. Owens
Nov 9, 2008, 9:12pm

As to the question who can be post to The Batavian, the simple answer is: Anybody.

As to what you can post: Whatever you find interesting, or whatever you want to say.

We'll only promote to the home page posts we believe have a general interest to the audience of Genesee County.  We're pretty liberal about what we decide to put on the home page, but neither should you be disappointed if we don't promote it. The post will still appear in our own personal blog.

If you tag your post for certain sections we've created on The Batavian -- such as Nation and World, or the community links (like "Batavia" or "Byron"), or Sports, or Announcements, your post will appear in those sections immediately.

We're interested in what you find interesting. That might be a fire in your neighborhood or who recently got married.  Just about anything related to local life in Genesee County is a great idea for a post on The Batavian, and even your views on national politics or world events have a place (the Nation and World section) on The Batavian.

brenda jo nanni

Hello Howard, my name is Brenda Nanni and I have just recently signed up for your great "Batavian". Have been thouroghly enjoying it as I am originally from South Alabama. I now live in Holley, Orleans County so reading your news is like going home for me. Next Sunday a group of us are getting together at the NY State-owned public shooting range on Meadville Rd., in the town of Alabama. For quite some time this area has been made into a public litter area instead of the open shooting range that is was meant to be. People just go out there and spend the day target shooting and then leave all their trash behind for someone else to clean up. Those of us that like to target shoot and want to be somewhat responsible have joined forces to put together several clean up days. We have been told (justifiably) that if the littering continues we will loose the priveledge of going out there and using the range. Would it be ok if I submitted a story to you about our efforts, along with pictures of what we are doing? I love to write and am fairly good at pictures. Or if you would rather, perhaps you could stop out this Sunday morning. But I would love to give you a story about the clean-up, and possibly you could include it in your online news. It would be good practice for me as I am trying to get back into writing again on a regular basis. Thanks, Howard, for a great online news source, Sincerely, Brenda Jo Nanni

Apr 21, 2010, 1:56pm Permalink
thomas riggi

howard, i find this has more information than the daily news,in some cases. have couple questions 1 do i have to create new pass word every time i wish to make comment or have question.2 what ever happened to those persons that were busted with meth in leroy seams there hasent been no updates on some of those news reports that have been posted on this site , or i have missed them .wish to stay member to this site is this possible

Aug 7, 2010, 10:07am Permalink
Howard B. Owens

Thomas, one account/password is all that's needed.

As for the meth labs cases, they're all being prosecuted in Federal Court, where cases proceed much, much slower than local courts.

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carol grasso

Hi Howard, Nice pic of my son on the right side of this page. Mike Grasso. My 6yr old great-nephew is teaching me to do the facebook thing and everyone said I have to do The Batavian thing too! So here I am. I just want people to know that I have been in business for over 40yrs in Batavia. I own and operate Tons of Fun Beauty Salon. I was in the Mancuso building for 30yrs,and than after breaking my foot I built onto my home on Oak st and I am still doing hair there. After 40 years of hairdressing I find myself looking for new customers because they are dying off. So anyone who would like a great hair cut for a great price feel free to call for a appointment. I guarantee you will have Tons Of Fun. Men Women, and Children are all welcome. I also pick up and deliver. Thanks, Call 585-343-1027 or 585-813-3336

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