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Work begins on Masse Gateway Project

By Howard B. Owens

Construction -- or rather, destruction -- has begun on the Masse Gateway Project.

The project is intended to turn the old factory buildings of Masse-Harris/Harvester into modern office and light industrial space. The first phase involves knocking down the buildings at the end of Masse Place to create an entryway into the facility.

The project is expected to cost $3.1 million and is being partially funded by a $1.5 million RestoreNY grant. Mancuso Development Group, the property owner, will cover the balance of expenses.

The project is expected to lead to productive use of all the old factory buildings in the complex, as can be seen in the artist rendering below. Included in the concept was a portion of the old Wiard Plow factory building, which was destroyed in an alleged arson fire in May. A representation of the destroyed structure can be seen in the lower right of the rendering.

Richard Gahagan

Masse-Harvester Industrial Complex, Swan Masse Village, Central Corridor, Masse Gateway Project all pretty fluffy names coined to facilitate more government funding. These if "We build it, they will come projects" have flopped all across Western New York for decades. Is "RestoreNY" the new phrase for "Urban Renewal" that everyone is so fond of round here? Hey Howard don't you think a Sam's Club, COSTCO, or better yet Bass Pro Shops would fit in there nicely? The government and everyone else should consider why major private industry hasn't been interested in developing that real estate in over 50 years. Hmmm wonder why? Its near a railroad, major highways,water supply is good, sewer, electric, located between Buffalo and Rochester (like they always say). Why hasn't anyone been interested in siting a major industry there?...............

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Howard B. Owens

The only road I see going straight through in that rendering runs east and west. And it looks like the concept changed a good deal between drawings.

Mancuso has in fact said that the burned down Wiard building was going to be torn down in earlier concepts, and then left in in later concepts.

I'm just saying, the plans have been clearly evolving.

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Jeremiah Pedro

I'm just throwing this fantasy idea out cause I know it would never happen but here it goes anyway....
With all the hype surrounding electric vehicles and alternative energy why doesn't the city of Batavia recruit companies to come set up shop here in Batavia. Maybe A company that manufactures parts for electric vehicles or for alternative energy refinement. Get a company that makes solar panels for residential and industrial applications to come set up shop here.
If all it took were hopeful thoughts I'd be a rich man.

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