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Now NYS is going to tax sales tax

By Julie A Pappalardo

NYS is now putting yet ANOTHER tax on business.....

Once again, LOWERING TAXES GROWS BUSINESS....RAISING TAXES (or disguising taxes as "fees") CHASES BUSINESS (jobs) AWAY!!

They need to quit spending ALL our $$.  They are just NOT going to stop taking it all until we are totally broke!

Dave Olsen

I know I'm gonna get attacked for this, and be scoffed at, but...... Don't vote for any incumbent, it doesn't matter if you agree politically with him or if you think he's doing sort of a good job, (or she, sorry), or if you disagree mightily with or just don't like the challenger(s). Let's just replace everybody in this state from the Gov. to the assembly. How much worse of a job can a bunch of newbies do? Don't stir the pot, throw it out and start over!!!!

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