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Batavia City Charter Commission and the Examining Board of Plumbers

By John Roach

 There has been some deliberate misinformation about the City Charter Commission seeking to do away with the City Examining Board of Plumbers. This is not true.


New York State laws, rules and regulations are always changing and it’s hard to keep up with them. The Charter Commission asked the City Manager to check with the City Attorney and determine if Batavia was still required by law to have an Examining Board of Plumbers, as it has had for years. That’s our job. There has been no change in the State requirement that the City of Batavia still have the Examining Board of Plumbers, so there will be no change in the Charter.

As a point of information, this board consists of 5 members. Two (2) shall be Master Plumbers with no less than ten (10) years of plumbing experience. One (1) member shall be a journeyman also with at least ten (10) years experience. The other two members are city employees involved with plumbing, sewers and drainage.


John Roach

Charter Commission Chairman

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