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Fishin was Great Today -- A day With Both my BOYS

By Mike Hilchey

August 19  -- 6 AM on the water and fishing -- THIS is why I Like this sport so much , its SO Quiet at that time of the day . Sun coming up over the hills and the fish are Biting - No Jet skis --No Water Skiers -- the only sounds you hear are the Fish jumping around you and the occaisonal -- OH CRAP -- I Missed him LOL 

I know Richard likes the Smallmouth Fishery as I do on Lake Erie -- Its Great , But Lets not forget about the other Fingerlakes -- We Live in Fishing Heaven in this area -- Largemouth , Smallmouth , Northern Pike , Walleye , Tiger Musky , Musky , Salmon and Trout 

OK -- and a SCRAPPY TIGER is Boated at Conesus -- Eric's FIRST 

Well I put my 2 cents in for the day -- so to all the FisherPERSONS out there ( Being Politicaly Correct ) Tight Lines and Happy days on the Water

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