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Batavia Daily News for Wednesday: Dateline may come to Genesee County

By Philip Anselmo

Recently convicted killer Robert Kirkup has got the attention of Dateline NBC, which plans to devote segment of its news magazine show this spring or summer retracing the path Kirkup took leading up the murder of his wife at a Genesee County campground, according to the Daily News.

Scott DeSmit spoke with County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman, who is being interviewed for the show. Friedman had this to say about the interest in the case:

"I think it's the elements of a cold case. ... You have a 16-year-old murder, an infirm, older defendant, a body that was never found and the fact that he was interviewed (by police) in the same motor home that he killed her in 16 years ago."

DeSmit was unable to connect with the show's producer. No one yet knows if the crews will be filming in Genesee County.

In other news, a mix-up Monday afternoon led to a 7-year-old Batavia city school student getting on the wrong bus and dropped off a few miles from her home. The girl, Emily DiSanto, did eventually make it back home safely. School Superintendent Margaret Puzio said that the schools will now require each child to carry a bus pass "with his/her name, address, drop-off point and bus number on it" so that this mishap is not repeated.

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