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Best of the Batavian — 2008 Edition: Your Favorite Story

By Philip Anselmo

Please check out our selections for The Batavian's Top Ten Stories of 2008 in the post directly below. Once you've done that, you're ready to vote. Here's how it's done: Click next to the titles of the three stories you most enjoyed or that you thought were the most well-written, most impactful or whatever. Once you have selected three, click the 'Vote' button at the bottom. We will compile the results after the New Year, and list them in their proper order.

We encourage you to check out all of the top ten selections before making your vote.


Pick your top three stories for 2008!
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Daniel Jones

Elections has to be the biggest, Genesee County was front and center in two very hotly contested races (Congress and State Senate).

Dec 31, 2008, 8:21pm Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

It is hard to pick favorites really, I think some consideration needs to be taken on how many hits or people posting comments to a story should bear some weight. I really hate politics but I have realized that i have posted my opinions quite a lot on certain topics dealing with politics. I think the most fair way to vote is to pick categories to select from then vote on the actual story in that category. Does that make sense ? Also, the staff of the Batavian are so Talented and professional with their (your) "skills" that its hard to vote for other peoples stories based on certain criteria. I wish other members would post their feelings about this too. Also, with the addition of sports with Hilly its hard not to just vote for his articles but maybe not what you guys pick.

Jan 1, 2009, 12:51pm Permalink

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