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Books, books, books, and... books

By Philip Anselmo

Bibliophiles of Batavia unite! Richmond Memorial Library is gearing up for its Summer Reading Program, so we thought why shouldn't The Batavian host its very own summer book club. I've been all over the city, made the calls, stared at my bookshelves and read the latest reviews. It's time.

Recommendations for our summer reading list will be coming in over the next couple weeks from local librarians, booksellers, reading profs from the college and yours truly. We're hoping to get the list together by the end of the month. In the meantime, feel free to make your own recommendations, but be sure to tell us why your pick is worthy of our collective attention.

If folks get interested, we'll get some discussion threads going about some of the books from the list, and I'm sure our recommenders will keep up, maybe ask questions and help keep the dialogue going. We'll see.

I'm thinking of maybe choosing Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities as my contribution. It's about an imaginary conversation between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan, and every chapter is the description of another fantastic city invented by Marco Polo to entertain the great ruler. It's a gem. But more about that later.

In other local book news...

Richmond Memorial Library is about to wrap up its search for Richmond the Ant, who has been lost in Batavia over the past six weeks, trying to get back to the library in time for the Summer Reading Program that kicks off with an Ice Cream Social June 23. Each week he was in a new location and left a clue to help kids find out just where it was.

Here's this week's clue (the last): "I have found a store full of toys and bikes. Maybe I can borrow a bike to ride back to the library in time for the beginning of the Summer Reading Program."

Those who have tracked Richmond to all six locations can win a special prize. Check out the library's Children's Room Blog for more info about Richmond the Ant and the Summer Reading Program.

Don't forget, the Summer Reading Program isn't just for kids. Anyone can attend the free Ice Cream Social June 23 at 6:30pm at the library, 19 Ross St., and register for one of the many programs. Check out the library's Web site for more information.

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