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Fancy yourself a forensic scientist?

By Philip Anselmo
May 21, 2008, 12:29pm

I've been something of a nerd for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I was literally fascinated by rocks — minerals and crystals and gems, to be more specific, but you get the idea. Learning is one of the greatest gifts of our human race. A monkey may be able to learn sign language, but he can't discuss the Pythagorean Theorem. Your dog may roll over, but he can't sculpt a dog rolling over.

For all of you out there who share such passions for puzzling out mysteries and uncovering the hidden truths in things, you may be excited to know that Genesee Community College is hosting some summer workshops about forensic science, for teachers and for students.

The adult version:

Designed for middle and high school teachers, science coordinators, and principals, the workshop provides ideas for the development of course work that engages students and uses forensic science to foster problem solving, critical thinking, and laboratory skills in all science areas.

The hands-on workshop may include introduction to such topics as accident investigation, fingerprints and impressions, DNA techniques, forensic anthropology, and crime scene protocol.

For further information or to register for the workshop, contact Zane Bloom at (814) 720-0171 or by email at  zane_bloom (at) vwreducation (dot) com.

A children's version will be part of the Infotonics Technology Center Summer Science Camp from July 7-11. GCC will host two workshops related to the camp:

Crime Scene Investigators: The Case of the Calculating Copycat will run from July 7-11. Recommended for students entering grades 6-9, the course allows young forensic scientists to help solve the case of a missing teacher by developing vital evidence in a lab and presenting it to a jury of peers.


Mission to Mars, will be held at Genesee July 14-18. In this session, recommended for students entering grades 5-8, participants must plan a spacecraft launch to the red planet, design a mission patch, and create and launch their own rockets.

A fee of $275 covers instruction, program materials, lunch, refreshments, and activities. A multiple camp discount, which applies to two or more campers per family or two camps per child, is available for a $25 per camp deduction.

Call (585) 389-5125 for more information, or send an e-mail to scicamp (at) naz (dot) edu.

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