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Genesee Community College Students Receive $16.7 Million in Financial Aid

By Philip Anselmo

From Genesee Community College:

Genesee Community College students received $16.7 million in student financial assistance last year, according to Joseph Bailey, Associate Dean for Enrollment Services.

Mr. Bailey told trustees at Monday's Board of Trustees meeting that Genesee students received aid to help defray their education from a variety of sources, including federal PELL grants ($5.5 million); New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants ($3.6 million); and Stafford loans ($7 million).

Student aid is on the increase, Mr. Bailey reported. Next year, the maximum PELL award will increase. Despite problems with national credit markets, Genesee Community College has access to enough private lenders to make educational loans possible. Genesee has also been declared eligible as a federal direct loan college, meaning that students could borrow directly from the federal government for educational expenses if they needed to do so.

"We have a wide range of financial resources available to help students pursue their college education," Mr. Bailey said.

Students may contact Genesee's Office of Financial Assistance at 585-345-6900 for more information about financial assistance and veterans services programs, and for help in completing financial assistance applications.

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