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Habitat for Humanity in Batavia

By Philip Anselmo

Habitat for Huamnity of Genesee County is at work right now on a project at 6 Columbia Ave. in Batavia. Over the weekend, one of the crew chiefs sent us along some news about that project, along with a couple photographs (included below). We hope to get over to the site some time in the the next few days to record some video of the project. In the meantime, here's what they've had going on in recent weeks:

Employees of Tops (Friendly Markets) of Batavia had a volunteer day with Genesee County Habitat for Humanity doing plaster and lath demolition work at 6 Columbia Ave. in Batavia. This was another part of the support that Tops has been giving to Habitat. In the past they have provided food for the workers, (set up) coin donation cans in their store and hosted a hot dog and soda sale.The coin cans at the registers to date have provided over $3,000. Tops insisted on stocking the food pantry at the Habitat home when the family moved in last year. A sincere thank you to Tops and its employees.

August was the month for the raffle of the car at Valu Stores for Habitat for Humanity. The 21 Valu Stores sold over 185,000 tickets on a new Ford Focus. The winner is from Erie, Penn. Genesee County Habitat for Humanity received a check for $6,527 for their part of tickets sold in the Alden and Batavia stores. This money will be added to other donations to help complete restoration of the next Habitat home being worked on in Batavia.

Pictures: (Top) Employees from Tops at the job site on Columbia Avenue; (Bottom) Habitat crew accepts check from Valu Stores.

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