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News roundup: New cop cars, same old criminals

By Philip Anselmo

Daily News reporter Scott DeSmit profiles the city police department's new patrol cars in an article on today's front page. His take: they're all about "keeping a low profile." That means no flashy lights on the roof. Why? Officers hope the bare car top will "allow them to blend in more with traffic in an effort to catch violators."

"People engaged in criminal activity or violating traffic laws tend to scan traffic looking for that light bar," Officer Wayne Fenton said. "Taking the light bar away allows the car to blend in with the rest of traffic."

Except, of course, for the flashy lettering and block-letter 'POLICE' decal on the side of the car. For catching drivers who only get that cursory glance over traffic, I suppose it could help fight the speeders on residential streets. The $23,000 cars do come with lights, it should be noted: strobes.

Of course, no slick, pseudo-undercover makeover is going to make a cop's life any easier.

Take their stroll through the junior rapids of Tonawanda Creek this morning in pursuit of an alleged shoplifter. Just shy of 9:00am this morning, police responded to a larceny call at the Sugar Creek Store on West Main Street. On scene, Scott DeSmit tells us, one of the officers "shagged the man from a grove of trees behind the store"—fantastic description. The man then ran into the muddy, burbling Tonawanda Creek. Lt. Eugene Jankowski said the man nearly drowned! But they picked him up and brought him down to headquarters for processing.

What was he accused of stealing? Two beers.

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Gabor Deutsch

Its not about the light bar at all.
Anyone shady enuff knows how to spot undercover vehicles Batavia uses by walking the parking area or spotting.
This Purchase is, hopefully, about upgrading the abilities and comfort for the Batavia "POE-POE" :

To deal with : The minor law infractions.
This includes :
scufflaw,shennanagins,grabassin,domestics,disputes,fenderbender,offensivelanguage,dirtylooks,and your every day minor "crime".

These 23G vehicles are loaded with more than what this article and any investigation can say.

I can only say that I will accept any new equipment that Batavia needs when it comes to my safety and others.
If I ever steal something and almost drown (God Forbid). I hope that the police will help me and not have to go through a lot of hassle knowing that I need Help.

Aug 16, 2008, 3:57pm Permalink
Matthew Thomas

A low-profile patrol car sure is a nice idea to catch those criminals and law breakers. Without those flashy lights on the roof, the blinkers, and the <a href="">oem vw parts</a>, they can easily blend in with the traffic. But I wonder how that will work if the police cars still have the POLICE decal on the side of the car.

Jan 28, 2009, 10:17pm Permalink

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