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News roundup: Water main break

By Philip Anselmo

A water main downtown broke this morning leaving folks along Woodrow Road between Main Street and West Avenue without water service. WBTA's Dan Fischer reports that the city has no estimate on when service will be fully restored.

If you're looking to get a McCain-Palin sign to stick in your front lawn this election season, you will have to get in line. Genesee County's GOP headquarters reported that they have not been able to handle the demand for the signs, and they've run out. More should arrive Tuesday.

Tiffany Barber

Just to be clear - Obama-Biden signs are also very hard to come by. I had to request one from the office in Rochester and received it several weeks after requesting it. The car magnet I ordered the night of Obama's speech at the convention just arrived this week. Not sure why there has been such a backlog especially when it seems like I've seen less Presedential signs in general this year compared to last election - but we still do have a month to go.

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