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Prepping for the primary... Joe Mesi

By Philip Anselmo
Sep 8, 2008, 5:45pm

This is the fourth post in our series about the two heated Democrat primary battles that will be decided at the polls Tuesday. Read our earlier post for the full details.

In anticipation of these races, we sent out the same question to all six candidates and asked each to please respond by the end of the day today. We've heard from three so far. We'll publish those and add the others as they come in. We asked the candidates a pretty open-ended two-part question: What are your final thoughts heading into the primary? What would you want the voter to have in mind about you as he or she heads to the polls?

We will publish each one in the order that we received it.

Fourth is Joe Mesi, candidate for the 61st Senate District. Mesi had this to say:

What would you want the voter to have in mind about you as he or she heads to the polls?

Over the last several months, I have had the privilege of talking to thousands of voters about the challenges facing our region. Lower property taxes, job growth, higher education funding, sensible energy alternatives – these are the things that really matter.

From the start, I have run a positive campaign on the issues and my ideas. I have laid out a detailed jobs plan that starts with targeting investments to build on our local strengths and holding IDAs accountable.  It’s time to cut taxes for middle-class families by putting a ceiling on tax rates according to income—because rising property values should not penalize hard-working families. I have talked about the need to invest more in higher education—and the need to stand up to the Republicans and take partisan politics out of issues like stem cell research.

My heart is in Western New York. I grew up here, graduated from college here, and built my career and small business right here. I am running for State Senate because Albany is broken and it is time for new leadership and new energy to turn the state around.

Heading into the primary, what are your final thoughts?

Today is just like any other day—I continue to focus on the challenges facing our families.

It has been a real honor to work alongside hundreds of supporters from all walks of life who keep coming out rain or shine to knock on doors, make phone calls, and write letters to their neighbors.   For these folks in the 61st Senate District, working on this election is about the immense challenges we need to take on – it’s not about politicking or money or patronage jobs.  As we get ready for tomorrow when voters will make their final decisions and head to the polls, the incredible dedication of these Western New Yorkers is certainly on my mind.

Our next post will be from Michele Iannello, candidate for the 61st Senate District.

Jerome Grasso

Does Mesi know that in Genesee County we hold our IDA accountable. Does he even know what the IDA in Genesee County is called? Not likely.

Sep 8, 2008, 10:38pm Permalink
Jerome Grasso

You may be right. IDA reform is not necessary in Genesee County and when I hear Mesi and Ianello promote this bad idea....riles me up a bit. They should research areas that they wish to represent!

Sep 9, 2008, 12:31pm Permalink

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