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Road work on Route 33

By Philip Anselmo

Don't know about any of you folks, but my commute takes me straight down Route 33 to Batavia from Route 490 and back every day, a long haul but a beautiful drive with so much more character than swinging up and around via the lifeless thruway. Starting next week, and likely through to November, that could mean the occasional delay or at least a slow down in traffic through a stretch of that road.

The state Department of Transportation released this info about the upgrade to the Black Creek Bridge in Stafford (between Route 237 and Caswell Road on Route 33):

Steel and concrete elements of the 75-year old structure have been showing signs of age and deterioration. Plans call for the removal of the existing concrete parapets on the bridge and for the installation of railing. Repairs will be made to deteriorated sections of concrete above and below the bridge and improving drainage to further slow down deterioration of substructure elements.

Construction work is slated to begin the week of August 25 and will likely be complete by the first week of November.  Motorists can expect limited travel impacts while the bridge is under construction. Shoulder closures and lane closures controlled by a flagger will be used on a daily basis. Motorists should drive with caution through the work zone.

As always, folks can get up-to-date road travel info on the state's Web site.

Mark Wiatrowski

There is an alternate route you can take from 490 to batavia without driving the Thruway. When you get off at the Bergen exit, turn North on Route 19. Your next left turn will be Route 262. take this through Byron past the 4 way stop on 262 and turn left onto Bank Street Road. You should know your way from there !!

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