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VA invites community to "Salute Veterans"

By Philip Anselmo

From the VA Medical Center:

VA Western New York Healthcare System invites the public to participate in open-house activities Feb. 8-14 during the National Salute to Veterans.

"The National Salute to Veterans gives everyone a chance to let those who have given so much to our nation know that they are not forgotten," said David J. West  Interim Medical Center Director "We've invited local celebrities, elected officials, school children and other groups to visit during the week.  We want people of all ages to bring Valentine’s Day cheer to our patients.”  West said he hopes visitors will also learn more about the important roles volunteers play at the medical center throughout the year and perhaps pursue volunteer opportunities.  "Over 600 volunteers are an important part of our health care team in Buffalo and Batavia, and the National Salute program is a great way for people to learn more about helping the Veterans we serve," West said.  “Visitors are often surprised at how varied our volunteer opportunities are.”  Citizens, young and old, are once again sending Valentine’s Day cards and letters to VA medical centers simply addressed “Dear Veteran.” West said they are being distributed to patients throughout the medical center.

VA Western New York Healthcare System’s National Salute Week schedule includes an open house Friday, February 13 at 1:00 p.m. in Freedom Hall, room 301. Additional activities are included below.

Individuals or groups wishing to participate in the medical center program should call the Voluntary Service office, in Buffalo at 716-862-8671 and in Batavia at 585-297-1196.

Please click here to download the complete schedule of events.

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