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Walnut Street roundabout

By Philip Anselmo

One of our readers got curious after reading a post on The Batavian from earlier today about the postponement of the Walnut Street reconstruction and addition of a roundabout. Many thanks for Russ Stresing for getting us the following images. The first is an artist's rendering of the roundabout, once it is completed. Below that is a satellite view of what the area looks like now — that image is borrowed from the Genesee County Web site.

Russ Stresing

The first illustration came courtesy of City Council President Charlie Mallow shortly after I asked him if I could scan a copy of it. He Emailed the attachment instead.

The Genesee County map site is pretty cool. Its a way to see beyond what is visible from the street.

Jul 22, 2008, 8:18pm Permalink
Melissa George

Just wanted to share 2007 Community Survey done at the Batavia Area Jaycees Home Show:

3. Are you in favor of the roundabout planned for the
Oak, Walnut, South Main, Pearl and Franklin street intersection?
28 - Yes: havent heard about it - sounds helpful
52 -No: BAD
don’t know - sounds dangerous
have'nt heard about this
nothing about it??
not another maze, why waste money for something that wont work
what are you talking about

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Russ Stresing

Judging by your comment, The Batavian is performing an important public service with these pictures. The conclusion the survey mentioned seems to come to is that people don't know enough about it to have an informed opinion. Let's hope they look more closely into the project and learn about its advantages and drawbacks.

PS. Is there a link to the survey anywhere?

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Charlie Mallow

I know that there has been a bunch of information put out about the roundabout. But, it sounds like we need to get some more information out to the public. I just emailed Philip some contact and basic information about the project; hopefully he can link to it. What’s important for everyone to understand, is that Walnut is a State road and they are financing this project. The DOT has demonstrated in a very detailed way that a roundabout is the best solution for traffic flow and safety. I know people are resistant to change but, it is important to keep an open mind. That corner is very dangerous crossing over to and from S. Main St the way it is. I go through that intersection every day, there are two blind corners. You can’t see oncoming traffic from over the bridge or coming around the corner from RT33, till they are right on top of you.

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Daniel Jones

I'm still finding out more about it, but off the bat it doesn't seem like such a bad idea, I live on Washington Ave and have to get on 33 to go to work, having a roundabout will cut down on accidents in a major way.

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Wayne Speed

Sure hope this project turns out more practical than the parking lots for Wendys, Tim Hortons and the Credit Union!
Every time I go to one of those businesses, I feel like an accident waiting to happen.

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