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What's in store for the library

By Philip Anselmo

Richmond Memorial Library Director Diana Wyrwa was kind enough to tell us just what plans are in store for the library now that the new budget has been passed...

"The Richmond Memorial Library Board of Trustees and staff wish to express our thanks to the voters of the Batavia City School District for approving our budget vote and electing a new trustee, Tracy Stokes, to the library board.

"The increase in funding for 2008-2009 will allow the library to add a second full time custodian. This way we will have a custodian on duty at night and on the weekends, making our library building a safer destination for our patrons. Two other initiatives that will take place in 2008 and 2009 are: a new Web page for the library and a space study of our building. The new Web page will give each "department" of the library its own page (ex. children's, teens, media, adult readers). Pages will be updated more often and be  more interactive, for example, allowing patrons to register for classes online. The space study will be done by a professional firm and will help the library to better utilize the space we have in a more efficient and attractive manner. We will also be looking at our parking situation in this space study, trying to add more handicapped spaces and short-term parking spots. I'd like to eventually see us add a drive-up book drop on the driver's side.

"The newly adopted budget will also provide continued funding for books, media, and online resources. We will continue to update computers available for public use and maintain our wireless network. Wi-Fi is available on the main floor of the library. Programs for all ages will continue.

"We will also be adding a fax for public use. Many people come into the library and ask if we have a fax available. Shortly we will. There will be a cost to fax, but the cost has not been decided upon yet."

Thank you for the info, Diana. Best of luck.

Patrick D. Burk

We have one of the best Libraries in New York State and once again our community realizes the importance of this as a quality of life issue. Hats off to Diana Wyrwa and her staff for maintaining high quality and innovative ideas. Richmond Library is one our our shining stars. Congratulations on the budget approval.... and thank you for all you and the staff do to enrich our community.

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