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Your thoughts on the Republican veep...

By Philip Anselmo

There's little in the way of Batavia news bleeping on my radar this morning—except for reports on the Muckdogs title hopes, already covered by Howard and Mollie this morning. My lack of news to report could be because I was stuck home for a little longer today owing to an overturned tractor-trailer that spilled crushed cars all over I-490 smack in the middle of my commute—anyone else feel that pain this morning.

So I thought we could try another exercise in national news comparisons. Last night was big for the Republican party. John McCain's choice for vice-president, Sarah Palin, took up the microphone and fired up the party—while riot police fired up the tear gas guns outside.

Below are four excerpts from four different op-ed columnists for the New York Times, each one writing about Sarah Palin. Do you think these columnists make good points? Bad points? No points? What are your thoughts on Palin? Does she represent a tough-nosed America that you know well or not at all?

Thomas Friedman:

With his choice of Sarah Palin — the Alaska governor who has advocated drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and does not believe mankind is playing any role in climate change — for vice president, John McCain has completed his makeover from the greenest Republican to run for president to just another representative of big oil.

Gail Collins:

Sarah Palin came out of hiding Wednesday night, and boy, she seemed ticked off.

“Here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to win their good opinion,” said the moose-gutting, polar bear-trashing, aerobics-class-networking vice presidential nominee.

The speech was very well done. The Palin family — who we’re supposed to ignore, but they did sort of seem to be pretty much front and center — were adorable. And she was way more effective than the keynote speaker, Rudy Giuliani, at the red-meat-tossing detail. If you’re going to be really mean for an extended period of time, it’s better if you don’t look as if you want to lunge for the throat of the cameramen.

Maureen Dowd (from Tuesday):

Unable to stop the onslaught of wild soap opera storylines erupting from the Palin family and the Alaska wilderness, McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt offered caterwauling reporters a new mantra: “Life happens.”

Indeed, it does. Only four days into her reign as John McCain’s “soul mate,” or “Trophy Vice,” as some bloggers are calling her, on the ticket known as “Maverick Squared,” Palin, the governor of Alaska, has already accrued two gates (Troopergate and Broken-watergate), a lawyer (for Troopergate), a future son-in-law named Levi (a high school ice hockey player, described by New York magazine as “sex on skates”), and a National Enquirer headline about the “Teen Prego Crisis” with 17-year-old daughter Bristol.

Timothy Egan:

As she showed Wednesday night with her acceptance speech, Governor Sarah Palin fits the mold of a certain kind of Alaskan – “take it from a gal who knows,” as she said. The state has a unique political ecosystem, as quirky, odd and compelling as the big land itself.


But Palin’s style may not play outside of Alaska.

The governor isn’t so much a tough-minded reformer — see her sidling up to indicted Senator Ted Stevens, the earmarks directed to her hometown or the pressure from her governor’s office against a bad-boy former brother-in-law and trooper — nor is she some Annie Oakley throwback.

She is, though, a very recognizable Alaskan.


june rowcliffe

I thought she did a super job. Someone that gets things done. I don't think her family is any different than 90% of all the rest of America. Go McCain/Palin!

Sep 4, 2008, 9:24am Permalink
Darrick Coleman

The Friedman article linked above sums it up nicely by saying: "With his choice of Sarah Palin — the Alaska governor who has advocated drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and does not believe mankind is playing any role in climate change — for vice president, John McCain has completed his makeover from the greenest Republican to run for president to just another representative of big oil."

With global warming being the issue that it is today drilling in the Arctic is a little band-aid over a big issue which might ease our cost at the pumps for a few months. I think we need a wider more long term view by way of alternative energy. To that end here is another blurb from the Friedman article: "...Senator McCain deliberately avoided voting on all eight attempts to pass a bill extending the vital tax credits and production subsidies to expand our wind and solar industries, and given his support for lowering the gasoline tax in a reckless giveaway that would only promote more gasoline consumption and intensify our addiction to oil, and given his desire to make more oil-drilling, not innovation around renewable energy, the centerpiece of his energy policy — in an effort to mislead voters that support for drilling today would translate into lower prices at the pump today — McCain has forfeited any claim to be a green candidate."

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Daniel Jones

Ok, removing myself from being a die-hard Democrat and playing analyst here.....

Rudy Giuliani tore the convention up, seriously, he was boisterous, loud, saracastic, tough and authentic, the typical Brooklyn tough guy that excites Republicans about him and then some....One of the best keynote speeches that I've seen at a Republican convention since Pat Buchannan gave his famed 'culture war' speech in 1992 (which actually gave Bush Sr a bounce, the blandness of the rest of that convention started to slide back his numbers).

That being said, Rudy's going after Barack with vigor and Pit-Bull like tenacity made it difficult for a follow up, he even caused a cancellation of the important introductory Video, which was supposed to show America what Sarah Palin's background is like. She had some good one liners and the message was ok, but the delivery was kind of slow and lacked a certain flow at a few points.

Honestly, I think that Rudy Giuliani stole the night. Sarah Palin was just meh, not to say that she won't be a force on the campaign trail, but I didn't think that this speech was exceptional. I wonder if Rudy was trying to make John McCain have regrets.

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Thomas Gahr

My opinion. Read all 4 editorial comments and you will understand what is wrong with the main stream media, and NY Times in particular, and why we need "new media" outlets, like the Batavian, for our society to remain a Democracy. A real Democracy.

My opinion on "Mrs. Palin goes to Washington" is she'd be more likely to fit into the crowd at Main Street Coffee, O'Lacey's, and a Muckdogs game then any of the 4 NY Times editorialists ever would. And that is meant as a complement.

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Mark Wiatrowski

I normally do not partake in anything that is even remotely related to politics until last week. Prior to the announcement of Sarah Palin as running mate for the McCain campaign, I couldn't give two hoots about the election. Everyone had their ideas on who John was going to pick. Well, blew them all away didn't he? I'll tell you it sure got my attention !! It has had such an impact on me that I am seriously considering registering as a Republican. McCain/Palin is just what this country needs right now. For McCain..You Rock !!! For Palin.. You GO Girl !!

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Mark Potwora

Mark and Tom you are so so right..I also didnt care about McCain.But he proved to me in his Palin pick that change is coming and not from the Obama side..McCain is the real change candidate.I also like how i keep hearing that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time...Bush dosen't vote on anything he's the president..So how can that be...Just wondering if Palin was picked before Biden,Would Obama of picked Clinton

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Daniel Jones

Palin was picked after Biden, and I don't think that Obama and Hillary could have overcame the animosity of the primaries to be on the same ticket together. Biden is a good choice, and Palin will do an alright job on the campaign trail....however, analytically speaking, McCain may have done himself better by picking Huckabee, Romney or Kay Baily Hutchinson (a respected female Senator from Texas).

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Darrick Coleman

These speeches are really cheap and don't really mean much of anything. The truth is in the facts.

I like that Palin has a son that is joining/joined the Army. She will (should) be less likely to go to war with a child in the military.

One thing that scares me is her utter lack of political experience which consists of:

- Served on Wasilla (population ~5000) city council 1992-1996
- 1996-2002, she served as mayor of Wasilla (population ~5000)
- 2003-2004, She was appointed chairman of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
- 2006-present, serves as the Governor of Alaska
-2008 Chosen as Vice Presidential Candidate

The only thing of worth in this resume is the 1+ year of Governorship of Alaska. The real threat here is that she could become our President if something were to happen to the aged McCain with only 1+ year of experience governing the 4th least populated state in the union.

Here is some more information about Palin coming from a resident of Wasilla AK.

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Daniel Jones

Derrick, you hit my personal concern about Palin on the head.

She's a great American, but the lack of experience, experience that Obama himself tops tenfold worries me. Obama had 8 years in the State Senate and 4 years in the US Senate, during that time he has had several pieces of landmark legislation attached to his name, including the Coburn-Obama Transparency act which provided full disclosure of all non-defense related Government spending, the Open Government and Honest Leadership act which provides tough new ethics rules and was passed over the objection of senior members of both parties, an African Relief and Security Bill, he also sponsored the Iranian Sanctions Enabling act which makes using state pension money to invest in Iranian owned or based companies illegal.....get my drift?

Obama is accomplished, Palin is very bland and light in terms of her own resume and accomplishments. After seeing Obama effectively move legislation through the Senate with the above mentioned legislation and take on the harshness that has been thrown at him through this campaign, he's proved that he's ready to lead. Palin, who if McCain wins could be President in a heartbeat, has not.

Sep 4, 2008, 2:47pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

She's running to be Vice-President, she could be President in a heartbeat, I'm one to hold the Vice-Presidential candidates qualifications to the same level of a Presidential candidate for that very reason. You don't make someone VP to give them experience, you make them VP because they would be ready to take over.....and to be an effective administrator of the Senate, Sarah Palin hasn't shown me that she can be either.

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Howard B. Owens

For the past couple of days, following this on other sites (and Twitter, especially), as well as TV -- I've had a strong feeling that the race has shifted from Obama vs. McCain to Obama vs. Palin (if not the entire left side of the political spectrum, especially the Netroots crowd vs. Palin). I almost get the sense that if America decides it likes Palin, McCain wins, and the Democrats, I feel (feel more than think) are almost feeding into that, or fearing that.

Sep 4, 2008, 3:24pm Permalink
Darrick Coleman

If we compare Apples to Apples (Biden to Palin) then it's even worse: Biden has been in national politics since the 70s. I think the reason Palin has been in the spotlight so much lately is because she is new to the scene. In the end NY will go with Obama/Biden which makes all of these points relatively moot seeing that we are (for the most part) NYS residents.

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Gabor Deutsch

The political machine has not had the same amount of time to rip her apart like the other nominees, but they are now focusing on her with both guns blazing.
Speaches are all talk.
Everyone gets a chance to shine and bash each other.
Mr. Obama justifies picking Mr. Biden firstly that "he can step in as president". Is Obama gonna be assasinated or die soon ?
Mr. McCain is said to be too old and everyone expects him to die if he is elected ? That's why Mrs. Palin is a bad choice ? (Was that really McCains mother still alive or an actress)?
This stuff is a political free for all cage match.
I think Palin is more qualified to be a vice president than Obama is to be president.
I think that Biden was right when he said that Obama "was not qualified to be the next president".
I dont think that America is ready for a young half african american president.
I dont think that America is ready for a white woman president.
I dont think that America likes the idea of a very old president.
I dont think that America likes the idea of a very young president.
Somebody has to be elected so lets compare experience ?
Define experience exactly and in full detail for every nominee.
If American politics would put the same amount of time and energy in debates that it does in actually solving our present and future problems we might actually get somewhere.
No matter what the outcome history will repeat itself and whom ever wins will have fight the losing side just to get things done.
Only the names and parties will change but "Government","Politics", and "problems" will remain the same.

Sep 4, 2008, 3:43pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

I don't understand the constant pessimism about politics, it may be corrupt and at times redundant, but shouldn't we take it upon ourselves as citizens to at least try to fix it?

As for Governor Palin, again, she hasn't accomplished what Barack Obama has as a legislator, nor does she have executive accomplishments as a Governor that are comparable to McCain's other possible picks (Mitt Romney, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Mike Huckabee or even Fred Thompson). I just don't see where she specifically has shown anything remarkable enough to trust her to step in when the President dies or to be President of the Senate.

Can anyone show me any grand accomplishment of hers? I've listed several of Obama's above, and I don't even have to compare her to Joe Biden.

Sep 4, 2008, 4:01pm Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

Dont be ridiculous. If McCain croaks and the "dizzy broad" cant handle it there are several options to replace her. Secretary of state, impeachment, assasination. I am not naive to "government". If thats all everybody is worried about with Palin. OMG ! What if she gets to be V.P. and gets knocked up ?
If Biden was so good why didnt he get elected for president?
Anti clinton is the only reason anyone cared about the well Accomplished Barak O who ?
I am a registered democrat but my party doesnt control my vote. I dont even understand this left, right, center, independent,tag or label.
I do relate to hockey and i understand completely what a left wing right wing center defense and goalie is maybe that's why I see this debate differently and can vote for another party when I think they will do better things for our country.

Sep 4, 2008, 4:31pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

Assassination, whoa Dave, now thats being ridiculous.

Sarah Palin I'm sure is a good person and is intelligent, but no one can seem to be able to point to a single accomplishment that she has achieved, it seems like she was what the Republicans were accusing Barack of being, an empty suit.

Obama won based on far more than anti-Hilllary sentiment, if you remember she was 30 points ahead of him in some polls in the beginning, originally I was a supporter of hers, but I will say this...she got outworked, he was the one who made the better case to primary voters about why he would be a better nominee. He also gave a remarkable speech at the 2004 convention, and his work in the Senate since has been remarkable for a relatively new Senator (see my post above), I can't say the same thing for Sarah Palin.

Biden just got overshadowed by Hillary and Obama, much like John Edwards did, but he certainly guided the context of the debate. He was also always considered to be a possible VP or Secretary of State because of his years of foreign policy experience, and unlike many who pretend too, has had many MANY accomplishments in the former.

You can vote for whomever you want, no one gets to control that but yourself.

Sep 4, 2008, 5:47pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

I know alot of politicians in Batavia that don't fit in at Main Street Coffee or O'Laceys.........and their from a "small city", only moderately larger than Wasilla (the town which she was the Mayor of), so I wouldn't give her the 'down home' label just because she's from a small town.

Sep 4, 2008, 5:50pm Permalink
Mark Potwora

What accomplishments do you need to be VP...Is it written anywhere what qualifications are needed..How long do you have to be a governor..1,2,3,4,5,6,7 years.Was Palin unqualified for that job because she wasnt a mayor of a big city..Who decides all this..We do.We vote.The people of Alaska thought she was able to be governor ..Democrats labeled Reagan not ready for the job.Same with Bush..but whether you think they were good or bad ,they won the job.They got elected.So in the end the voters will make the call of who is qualified.

Sep 4, 2008, 5:49pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

Mark, the Republicans have been saying for months that Barack Obama is not experienced or accomplished enough to be President....and then they nominate someone who is less experienced and accomplished to be their parties nominee Vice President? Let me be clear, the Vice President could become the President in half a second should something happen, your selecting a 'what-if' person for the job, your also electing someone to administrate the Senate as per the US Consititution. Sarah Palin is not ready to be President, and therefore, not ready to be Vice-President.

This is Obama vs McCain, but McCain tarnishes his own argument that is based on experience by picking someone to be the second in line who has less experience than his opponent. I don't have confidence in a half-term governor with no landmark accomplishments to be commander-in-chief, I do have confidence in Barack Obama because of his accomplishments.

Sep 4, 2008, 5:55pm Permalink
Jerome Grasso

The accomplishments of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama have been a "wee bit" overstated above. His name was merely attached to the legislation, he did not draft it. He had a history of voting present on controversial issues in the Illinois State Senate. We should also not forget his now infamous piece of legislation there that children who survive an abortion procedure should not receive medical attention and be left to die.
The "nutroots" are not happy with the Palin choice as is evidenced by their bizarre chattering. I figure that since the Palin choice makes them spout crazy lies, she must be a good pick!

Sep 4, 2008, 8:54pm Permalink
Mark Wiatrowski

The job I currently hold at work was not awarded to me because I had experience. It was because my superiors and subordinates alike had confidence in me to do the job to the best of my abilities. That was almost 20 years ago, and Here I am still holding the same position. So, before anyone goes on the "she has no experience" bandwagon, give Sarah a chance. We are too quick to judge these days. "We don't know her, therefore how can she do the job?" My hat is off to John and Sarah. Go Republicans !!!!

Sep 4, 2008, 8:59pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

Mark and Jerome,

Can you point to a major accomplishment of Sarah Palin?

How can Mr. Obama's involvement be overstated in the above mentioned accomplishments, he was the cosponser of all of those acts and bills, no way to twist it around, he moved that legislation through the Senate with the skill that is very rarely seen from Freshman Senators.....infact, Dick Lugar, a senior Republican Senator from Indiana and who is very well respected across the aisle called Barack Obama one of the most "amazing Senators he has ever seen".

Also Mark, you just made the case for Barack Obama, at the same time, you've made the case against Sarah Palin, Barack has shown exceptional qualities and superior skills in a short period of time, Sarah Palin has not during her time as Governor of Alaska.

Oh, and "Hussein", HA! Getting desperate are we?

Sep 4, 2008, 9:58pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Calling people who disagree with you nuts and dropping the middle name of Obama to stir up the hate mongers isn't a class move. The trash talk is not going to bail the Republicans out of the mess they caused this time, no matter how hard they try. This generation of lost Republicans has spent BIG and have rode on Reagans back too long.

I remember when I realized the Republican party left me and the rest of the fiscal conservatives behind. The fake message from these big spenders doesn't work anymore. Trickle down economics created HUGE debt, so much that we will never be able to repay China and the rest of our enemies.

It doesn't matter who they run, it's just four more years of failure!

Sep 4, 2008, 10:21pm Permalink
Mark Potwora

I think those that choose to call names really dont know how to debate..there will always be two sides in the debate .Republican or Democrat name calling, makes the person who's doing the name calling look small and their point whether good or bad can't be taken seriously.Charlie I do believe change comes from within.Hopefully McCain/Palin can change the party. And
maybe you can come back..hahha

Sep 4, 2008, 10:58pm Permalink
Robert Harding

Jerome Grasso: "The accomplishments of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama have been a "wee bit" overstated above. His name was merely attached to the legislation, he did not draft it. He had a history of voting present on controversial issues in the Illinois State Senate. We should also not forget his now infamous piece of legislation there that children who survive an abortion procedure should not receive medical attention and be left to die."

You are about six months behind on your Republican talking points. I would suggest you catch up.

You have YOUR vice presidential candidate criticizing Obama on - what else - experience. Anything wrong with that picture? She's been governor of her state for less than two years and before that, she was mayor of a town with about 1,000 more people than LeRoy. Being mayor of a town that big is not a full-time job.

Come on Jay Grasso. Your party is now slamming community organizing. Hence the problem with your party. They have lost touch with the American people.

Grasso: "The "nutroots" are not happy with the Palin choice as is evidenced by their bizarre chattering. I figure that since the Palin choice makes them spout crazy lies, she must be a good pick!""

The netroots (the REAL nut will be exposed later) isn't upset with the Palin pick. We are LAUGHING at the Palin pick. As a prominent member of the New York netroots, I know this firsthand. The GOP had plenty of great people to pick from. They picked a no-name governor from Alaska.

I have watched the GOP convention. I believe in seeing what the other side has to say. If you noticed, during the Democratic convention there were themes about our country and growing our country. All I have heard from the GOP convention is blaming liberals for the country's problems, saying liberals will raise your taxes and turning Washington D.C. from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington.

The Democrats want to fight for Americans.

The Republicans want us to fight against each other.

Sep 5, 2008, 12:44am Permalink
lazario ladou

What is it exactly that a person needs in order to be ready for presidential duties?

As Philip likes to say
What is IT?

since so many of the people we elect have the same exact problems as the rest of us we should by now know that these people are not really special in any way

These people ran
got in
Are you telling me Jimmy 5th grade class president had something over the rest of us?
if that isn't true than neither is it true 30 years later when running for the nations top spot

Some special degree?
That's all crap

A mother doesn't need a special degree or have 5 years of babysitting experience in order to be a good mom
and she's raising the people that will inhabit the earth, vote and become president

Experience: Good Family

it's all garbage
Any decent person with a sound mind is ready

All this experience bull is just our adult race game

I'll vote for whomever has the most experience at being a good person
^&(* ALL this other ^&(#

Then, of course, you have the Good Person Race
Suddenly you see a bunch of ambitious college (in public)do-gooders mixing in with the FANTASTIC celebrities out on Malibu Beach cleaning up litter and feeding the SaMo homeless they cannot live far away enough from in order to hopefully WIN the competition..and yet you have June the gardener who goes around potting flowers everywhere trying to actually make her corner of the world a bit more beautiful for all with no ribbons offices held nor medals to show for it

Doing what you would rather not do is not leadership it's means to an end

Show me a June and I'll show you my vote

Is Palin a June

No idea. I don't know them personally and never will

"...Senator McCain deliberately avoided voting on all eight attempts to pass a bill extending the vital tax credits and production subsidies to expand our wind and solar industries, and given his support for lowering the gasoline tax in a reckless giveaway that would only promote more gasoline consumption and intensify our addiction to oil, and given his desire to make more oil-drilling, not innovation around renewable energy, the centerpiece of his energy policy — in an effort to mislead voters that support for drilling today would translate into lower prices at the pump today — McCain has forfeited any claim to be a green candidate."

Oh well he's so obviously an earth hater
Or is the hater just saying he's not going to deliver us or is it that he just cares about saving some cash at the pump
I don't recall a huge cry for the earth 10-15 years ago when gas was cheap

I don't think I can trust ANYBODY who uses keywords
such as GREEN for instance
Rings very hollow

Sep 5, 2008, 3:50am Permalink
John Roach

Mr. Coleman, you seem to support tax breaks for wind and solar, but not tax breaks for oil, why? I do not support ANY tax breaks for any industry.

If you support wind energy, will you support wind power in Genesee County? Would you support a law that states towns and villages cannot ban this green energy? It seems most people really don't wnat wind power around here. How do you solve this problem?

Sep 5, 2008, 5:48am Permalink
Robert Harding

I do not support tax breaks for oil because they clearly do not need the tax breaks. They are established and have the money to pay taxes. Most wind and solar companies do not.

Plus, wind and solar is clean energy. We should be rewarding those who invest in clean energy with some tax breaks. That said, there should also be accountability with those tax breaks. That is what has led to the failure of the Empire Zone program. There's a lot of tax breaks going out but no accountability. There needs to be accountability for these things to work.

Sep 5, 2008, 10:06am Permalink
Darrick Coleman

John, I support tax breaks for wind/solar (alternative) energy because we need to move in that cleaner/renewable direction and away from oil.

No, I don't support a law that says towns/villages cannot ban green energy. I think each town/village should be able to govern itself as much as possible.

I think wind power should be harvested individually as much as possible and I think it would be great if the cost of these personal wind power generators made that solution feasible for the average income.

Sep 5, 2008, 11:25am Permalink
Daniel Jones

Cutting taxes for long-term oil research just puts the problem 10 years off....again.... I agree, lets drill for now but leave long-run research to alternative energies. We can't just keep looking for oil, we need to have some sort of broader plan.

Sep 5, 2008, 1:43pm Permalink
Jerome Grasso

Nah, you guys are just cranky because you do not have this site all to yourselves anymore. Why is using a middle name offensive? As for the "nutroot" sites, the language is as offensive as the whacked out ideas. Democrats always seem so angry. Why? Seriously though, some of you folks get so bent out of shape. As I said before, on the day after the election, no matter who wins, you still have to pay the electric bill and take out the garbage.

Sep 5, 2008, 2:02pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

Angry? No, we really aren't, we've appraoched the Palin selection with humor. We also aren't the ones angirly trying to tear down an opposing parties candidate, we're about facts, the fact that the last 8 years hasn't worked and the fact that John McCain just wants more of it. Sorry if you don't like the facts, but we're not angry by any means, we're pretty excited to talk about whats actually going on.

Your the one that seems to be getting angry and negative, bringing up his middle name to try to stir everyone up. Classy Mr. Grasso.....

Don't accuse others of being negative when your always doing the same.

Sep 5, 2008, 3:25pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Jay, did you watch the Republican convention? Your opinion seems to have tunnel vision. How friendly do people on right-wing sites seem to you?

Sep 5, 2008, 2:41pm Permalink
Robert Harding

No one is cranky Mr. Grasso. Believe me I'm sitting here smiling and enjoying the breeze blowing in from the window to my left while I do some blogging and communications work.

Using Barack Obama's middle name isn't important and it's very unnecessary UNLESS you are trying to score some political points. I don't see anyone calling John McCain "John Sidney McCain." There is a reason why you are using the middle name and it's strictly political.

Democrats aren't angry. We just want our country in the best possible shape (it isn't right now) and we want our country back into the hands of the middle class, not the hands of Exxon Mobil and other rich individuals and corporations.

Sep 5, 2008, 2:42pm Permalink
Daniel Jones

One more thing Mr. Grasso, its clear that you really are getting getting desperate and exasperated with your lack of evidence, to the point of smear. I've had disagreements on many issues with people on this website, a perfect example would be Mark Potwara, he though never would engage in the same sort of name-calling and inflammatory rhetoric that you have. Mr. Potwara, as a person has decided to rise above it, maybe this country would be better off if everyone would do the same.

Also, perhaps you should take your own advice when discussing politics and grow some "thick skin", after all, your "playing with the big boys" now....and if we're the "nutroots" as you keep calling us, then we'll keep being "nuts" about our vision.

Have a nice day! :)

Sep 5, 2008, 9:52pm Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

Ronald Regan, JFK, comes to mind. That's just to name a few presidents I thought got shot. It maybe a stretch but its possible. I know I regret voting for regan after my 401k balance plunged to 1/3 its value in the 80's. He did two terms and did still did good things but by the end of his second term most washington insiders admit that he was a pupet and the cabinet he appointed "guided things along". It may or may not be true, but it is possible.
Remember his famous retorts :"well, well I....." ZZZZZzzzzzz.

Sep 5, 2008, 3:45pm Permalink
Patrick Weissend

On March 4, 1885 Western New Yorker, Grover Cleveland, was inaugurated President of the United States. In 1882, he was Mayor of Buffalo and elected Governor in 1883 where he served for only two years before being elected President.

Experience was not an issue in the election, but morality was. Cleveland fathered a child out of wedlock. He was candid and honest when the media asked questions and that’s what the electorate liked. Also, his opponent, James G. Blaine, lost the NY Irish Catholic vote when he was at a religious event the minister said something anti-Catholic and Blaine didn’t challenge the remark. To Catholics, it appeared that Blaine agreed with the remark. Blaine also lost votes when he was seen at a time of high unemployment eating a huge dinner with Jacob John Astor, Jay Gould and other rich guys.

And, Cleveland was called a reformer.

Draw your own conclusions to parallels. Palin didn’t come out of no where. Bill Kauffman predicted she would be the Veep nominee five months ago.

If you want to hear interesting takes on history and politics, check out the podcast

Sep 5, 2008, 4:00pm Permalink
Mark Potwora

Thanks Dan we can always agree to disagree..but at least spell my name it...Name calling gets you nowhere...better to just state what facts you have,and then listen to the other side of the argument .Debating a point is what its all calling goes nowhere to get your point across..

Sep 5, 2008, 4:19pm Permalink
John Roach

if you don't think the left is jsut bent out of shape, mean and nasty, listen to WKBW, AM 1520, Buffalo. Starting at 6 am with the Bill Press show. Pure hate talk. Anyone can turn it on and check what I said.

Sep 5, 2008, 4:45pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

People on the fridge of both parties can get negetive. As for radio people, that's called entertainment, Rush and other right-wing people are just as negative.

Sep 5, 2008, 5:30pm Permalink
Jerome Grasso

"Inflammatory rhetoric"! Wow! Fancy! Actually I do not recall being angry or negative. Frankly, it is kind of fun to stir you gents up a bit. As well, there are always different versions of "the facts". There are extremists on both the left and right. They are both wrong. Just my opinion that the left web sites are nastier than the right ones. It seems there are a lot more left sites. As for radio, about equally nasty. Both sides are funny though.Entertainment indeed.
The night I won my first election and was feeling a bit cocky, my wife reminded me that it was garbage night and said "hey, Mr. Legislator, go take out the trash". Very humble feeling. No mattter what happens on Tuesday or in November, the world will go on.

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Mark Wiatrowski

This is why I don't enjoy politics as much as I probably should. While I believe everyone does have a right to their own opinion,sometimes it seems as though people are being a little over zealous in making their opinions known. There is definitely a change in the political atmosphere. This election season is alive with new hope,promise and possibly changes that will bring this country around.

I'm tired of the same "politics as usual" mantra. Let's see what happens after election day !! This may very well be what we need,a good shot in the arm. If nothing else, get out there and vote!! Make yourself heard through the ballot box!! I can assure you that I will be there with my Republican flag flying high.

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Lorie Longhany

The bottom line here in NY is we are blue and becoming bluer. While the presidential race may stir up all kinds of hateful rhetoric it makes not a bit of difference here. This state will go Obama and by a fairly large margin. McCain's pick will not change the outcome one iota here.

Just a few short hours ago a very nice republican woman came in to our office asking for Obama gear. She expressed a passion for Obama's candidacy that was infectious. She took home a button and a hand card and left her address with a promise from us that we would give her a yard sign as soon as they come in.

So while we can debate this till the cows come home -- it is all for naught here. My suggestion to everyone -- do what I plan on doing -- take a weekend and go to a swing state. There is plenty of work for those that are passionate--on both sides.

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Daniel Jones

Lorie-I agree.

Mr. Grasso-You started this by targeting Barack Obama by not so subtlety mentioning his middle name, you can claim that everyone else is just being negative, but alls that I'm doing is responding to your attacking Barack Obama. The far left and the far right have taken over the debate in this country, I think that the extreme fringes only represent a small part of the population but seem to bet all the attention. However, you seem to be engaging in their style here. I'd much rather talk about the issues....but if you want to start attacking the Democratic nominee without basis then expect some response. I do wonder why you feel the need to be such a negative person though, Mr. Grasso.

Mark-I agree, except for the last part :).

Alright everyone, lets get off our fannies and hit the polls or travel to a swing state! I'll be in PA in October and hitting the doors for our local races!

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Howard B. Owens

If NY goes Obama, it will be because of the urban districts. Do you really think the rural counties, such as Genesee, are going to tip toward Obama?

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Jerome Grasso

Mr. Jones: Mentioning a middle name is hardly an attack. Still looking for my negative comments. It appears that any statement about Obama will be construed as negative. True, the state will go Obama, but not Genesee County. The big NY cities will be blue, and everywhere else will be red. The cities have the population as opposed to the more rural counties. Good idea to save your energy for the local races, they affect your life and pocketbook waaayyyy more.

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Charlie Mallow

Jay, go take a look at the voting results from this county. You'll see that Hillary and the govenor carried this county in the last election. Your dream of a county that votes in lock step with the "party" just doesn't exist.

You are playing a little covert game of hate with the middle name and you know it! Our country's Obama has no connection with Iraq's criminal. Don't be cute, we are not stupid. You know what your doing. Since we are really talking about the code of hatred being used by the Republican fringe types and these covert attempts to stir hatred against our guy, let me take the chance to clear up some others that are easier to understand.

Obama has always held his hand over his heart when our flag is raised. He is a Christian and loves our county. We have had enough of the Internet lies, don't be cute reading from the fringe play book. Your better than that, I know you are.

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Daniel Jones

Mr. Grasso, don't try to play "holier than thou" here, your the worst offender when it comes to attacks. Sure, I've been negative, all of us have, but to play the constant negative role and without any substantive evidence on quite frankly silly issues is ridiculous. Sorry, you can't dance your way out of it, its just more of what the American people are tired of, baseless attacks. I would be more than happier to have a debate with a person of your distinction (not being saracastic at all) on the issues.

I say that McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden have a real debate that centers on the issues, middle names or families out of it (for the record, I think that the way that Sarah Palin's family has been treated by the media is nothing short of despicable).

I also agree that the local races have a more direct impact, its a shame that their so frequently overlooked.

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Robert Harding

New York will go to Obama. But it won't be solely because of the urban districts. A look at the <a href=""… presidential election</a> featuring Bush and Kerry proves that.

Kerry won all the obvious counties/boroughs: Erie (Buffalo and a high concentration of Democrats), Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens plus Albany County, Monroe County and Onondaga County (Albany, Rochester and Syracuse).

But he also won others. Kerry won all of the following:

- Broome County
- Clinton County
- Columbia County
- Franklin County
- Nassau County (In 2004, Nassau County had <a href="… more Republicans than Democrats</a>.)
- Niagara County (Kerry won Niagara County by 491 votes.)
- Rensselaer County
- St. Lawrence County
- Schenectady County
- Suffolk County (There were 69,622 more Republicans than Democrats in Suffolk County.)
- Tompkins County
- Ulster County
- Westchester County

So while there are more people voting in the urban areas and those areas tend to vote Democratic, rural New York has its share of Democratic leaning counties. Also, it's worth noting that Long Island went for Kerry in 2004. That's a very Republican part of this state and both counties - Nassau and Suffolk - went for Kerry.

Obama will win some of these same counties. He might even pick up some more. I don't think he wins Genesee County or other rural counties around us but he will win some rural counties in New York.

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daniel cherry

Isn't it funny, how the republicans ,sounded like democrats?O yea and here ,sometimes, the cows never come home...dan So while we can debate this till the cows come home...............

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C. M. Barons

Palin was picked for two reasons:
1) Some cynical adviser imagined that the women voters- once committed to Hillary Clinton might reinvest their support to a GOP female candidate. Anyone who thinks there is a drop of similarity between Clinton and Palin needs another injection of Thorazine.

2) Palin is a Franken-Gingrich monster created by GOPac. Like the time-bomb commies in the 70s thriller, Telefon: brainwashed, awaiting the phone message to attack. ...Or better yet, the battery-powered mechanical dogs that squat and bark when a switch is turned.

Her major accomplishment in Alaska? She has organized a Texas-style hunting fad- helicopter pursuit of wolves and bears- reminiscent of the old-west train sport that decimated the buffalo. Now there's something to be proud of- prelude to opening up the wilderness to oil drilling.

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Gabor Deutsch

Wowsers ! Thats a lot of meat wit your 'taters and gravy.
It took me an hour to figure out what you were saying. I disagree but i respect your point. My cranium needs massaging.

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