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Prison for Retirement

By Ricky G. Hale

Are you elderly, on a fixed income, and having a hard time making ends meet? Do you have to choose between eating or taking your medicine? Do you have to choose between paying the heat bill or freezing to death? Are you alone with nobody to watch over you or properly care for you? Are you tired of those ridiculous letters from the City of Batavia telling you that you have to paint your house, install a new roof, mow your lawn, etc.? (They don't care, they don't have to pay for it). Are you tired of paying ridiculous taxes that never stop increasing? Are you tired of seeing your tax dollars being spent on supporting the bums that are to lazy to work, or know how to manipulate the system to receive free public assistance? Is your head ready to explode because of the injustice?


                Everything is free compliments of the happy tax payers! You get 3 squares a day, you never have to buy groceries or prepare your own meals; its done by others, and its free.You get all the eye care, dental, medical, and medicine you need; and its free, no limit. No more co-pays or generic drugs. Prisons only dispense the expensive brand name good stuff, they're not allowed to give out generic drugs like the rest of us have to take. You don't have to pay any utility bills, its all free. You don't have to pay any room & board, its free. Need an education? Didn't graduate or go to college? No problem, you can get your GED and a college degree, and its free. You get all the TV , radio, and computer  you want for free. You don't have to worry about paying taxes any more. You don't have to worry about a mortgage or fear of losing your home or losing your job, let the goverment house you and support you, its free. Feeling a little horny while in prison? No problem, you get conjugal visits for free (the rest of us have to pay for it, one way or another). Still don't like the way you're being treated? No problem, you can sue the state; and guess what, all the legal expenses and court fees are free. The state appointed prosecution and defence lawyers will drag it out for an appropriate period of time to put money in their pockets, and then settle out of court, with several thousand dollars of tax payer's money being awarded to the prisoner; and its all free! How can things possibly get much better? It sounds like the perfect retirement to me. Better yet, what's the sense in waiting for retirement age? You can join now, you don't have to wait. Its all free, you don't have to pay a single penny! That's right, you too can become a bum. 

     As for the rest of us law abiding hard working men and women that actually contribute to society, doesn't it give you a warm feeling all over when you pay your taxes? Doesn't it make you feel good when you look at your pay stub and see the deductions? Don't you just wish you could contribute more to the cause?

               I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had enough and I'm mad as hell ! But I'm just a peon unable to do anything about it.             

dennis wight

It's crazy, isn't it?!?! Taxed on what you earn, taxed on everything you purchase with what's left. Taxed on home improvement items to increase the value of your property, only to be pounded with a higher assessment and pay more tax. One of the utilities actually has a line item on your bill called "tariff surcharge"...WTH...a tax on tax?!?!

Dec 12, 2010, 11:21am Permalink
Michael Pullinzi

Rick, I hear yah! I got a letter a couple weeks ago (In the middle of January) to paint one of my rental properties. Only problem is, the house is entirely vinyl sided except for the very top soffits and peaks which are the oldfashion scalped shingles. To be fair, they could use a coat of paint, and I did have them scheduled for siding last Fall, but then had a problem wit my Contractor so it didn't get done. What bugs me is that we as taxpayers are paying for these people to ride around and pick apart our properties when, all in all, this is a VERY minor item when you compare it to HUGE property disrepair issues you can see on almost any Street in the City that appear to go with no City action. They did give me until April (perhaps they are unaware of painting reguiring the proper weather?) to paint the areas that again, most would never notice unless they strained their necks to look upward, but just seems the City is creating issues for their own purposes. I am sure they will now use it as an example of another "citation" I received on my rentals (now 14 in severn years - mainly for extra tenant garbage bags) and continue to argue I am an unfit landlord so they can shuffle City foreclosed properties off to Habitat for Humanity where their wifes, children, and other relatives/friends are employed. All such a scam and really really needs to be investigated by the State Attorney General.

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Sarah Lee

I loved this! It's all so true. Especially the part about the bums! It's not in me to be a bum but it's getting terribly hard for the middle class to be in the middle anymore. I'm at the low end of middle class. Top end of pverty. Everything is going up but our compensation. I would like to say that the Union is awesome for those of us at the bottom end of it all and it may be a bit too high-end for those at the top. Somewhere I think someone split the Union up like the middle class is being split. Hmmmm....

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