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September 13, 2009 - 7:10am

Hot off the Press- New Star Player for Genesee Cougars

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It was found out Saturday evening that the Genesee Cougars Men's Basketball team has a new star player. Sign him up folks, Batavia's own Paul Ohlson, founder of Care-A-Van Ministries! It seemed Pastor Dale Gooch of the Emmanuel Baptist church was negotiating the deal.

I just could not resist sharing this breaking news! Ok, well maybe it is just his dream,, to be a star basketball player  but the reality of it all is that the vision of Care-A-Van Ministries is strong and truly is a key player in bringing hope and encouragement to all.

On Saturday evening Care-A-Van Ministries was at GCC for our annual Fall cookout.

We served over 150 students at the cookout. It was a great night out! Many of the students remembered Care-A-Van from last year with our monthly visits to the  door rooms with treats and prayers. This group of young men joined us for the cookout.

Debbie Crossett of the GCC CSU ( Christian Students United) was on hand to lend her support and provide information for the students in regards to the opportunity of becoming involved with that campus organization.

Patti Chadwick of the Reading Room, located here in Batavia set up a table and offered free books to the students while her huband John was busy cooking on the grill.

It just amazes this PR director how Bridget, Paul's wife does all the cooking for the weekly cookouts.

Dave Holenbeck and Ron Mazulla provided entertaining music for all.

Care-A-Van Ministries will be returning the campus on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 for street church, where Pastor Dale will give the message.

Thank you to everyone who made this evening possible and thank you to the students for such a warm reception. As the bus pulled away, the team was busy on the practicing on the outdoor court. I just had to holler out Go Cougars! You may just want to catch one of their games in this upcoming season, I am sure you will not be dissapointed!

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These young gals enjoy the evening on the hillside

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