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February 24, 2009 - 7:03am

The Lost Sock on A College Dorm Step

posted by Robin Walters in community awareness.

I  had just realized I had forgotten to post this after last week's outing. Enjoy!


I cannot believe as we walked across the college campus tonight, that Paul says he loves winter! The wind was whipping at our faces and our feet were skating across the ice.


I learned a new game tonight! It is called Cookie bumper. When walking across the ice, make sure you have a strong guy like Dave carrying a box of cookies next to you for cushion and bumper as you slip and slide.


We had a great time at Genesee Community College tonight. Care-A-Van Ministries goes out there every 3rd Thursday of the month. We knock on all the dorm rooms. I believe there is like 94 rooms with 4 students in a room. This totals about 376 college students that saw God come knocking on their door tonight.


As the doors open, we announce ourselves to say Care-A-Van is here because we care.

We give them one of our brochures which includes our phone number and a listing of local churches. We also give them a gospel tract. Tonight’s message was “You are Not Alone”. I remembered my college days, there were many all night study crams when I felt so alone. But we let them know they are never alone, Jesus is always there with them.  We also provide them with a treat such as a bag of cookies.


As we headed up the steps, it was then that I noticed it. What you ask? The lost sock.


It lay all by its lonesome on that big step. I could hear Elder Ron hollering throughout the halls, Care-A-Van Ministries here! When the doors opened, we saw more than lost socks, we saw lost souls. Our ministry teams offered prayer to each room. You would be surprised to the ones that need it and want it! I give one young gentleman credit for his boldness. His reply was “yes I need prayer”, my roommates here they don’t believe but I do. We gathered around and Paul prayed for this young man and included his roommates in the prayer. Another young man needed prayer due to a death of a close friend. A couple of young ladies wanted prayer for their studies. There were many different requests.


One of our ministry team members, Asheesh is gifted by God with music skills. He does awesome Christian rap music. They were even trying to get him to sing in the halls!


The one need we did see tonight is that many of these students do not have a church. There are some that would like to go to church but do not have a way. We encouraged them to call the churches as some of the churches do have transportation services. One thing I have seen over the years is that many churches have the challenge of getting people involved in ministries within the church.  I can personally say that if a church is looking for a ministry to reach out to lost souls, that a van service out to the college for Sunday Service would be an awesome way to start! It takes more than just handing out a phone number and saying “call if you want a ride”. I believe it takes a small team heading out in a van before a service and letting them know you are there.


I know that some of the local churches here do send care kits to college students. As my own daughter will be heading off to college in another year, I pray that she will find a good Christian church that will care enough to see that she can get to church and that she continues to be spiritually fed. Yes, the individual has got to want it, but we as caring individuals can do our part to help fulfill that desire.


There were also a few students that will be going into religious studies. We encouraged them to come out and volunteer with Care-A-Van. We encourage all of you to keep praying for us and to partner with us. Together as churches and a community, we can go forth and help the lost souls whether they are in a college dorm or living on a street in downtown Batavia.


If your church or organization, or you yourself are looking for ways to reach out and are interested in volunteering or experiencing God’s love on that big red bus, do not hesitate to give us a call.  Our number is 586-343-0328.


In closing tonight, my prayer is that the owner of that lost sock be found. That owner just may be one of God’s lost souls that are waiting to hear a knock on the door, to say we are here because we care. Isn’t that what God tells us to do? Love your neighbors as yourselves- and this includes college kids. Praises to God for another safe night!


Keep the Light On

Robin Walters

Care-A-Van Ministries


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