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Unexpected Blessings

By Robin Walters

Care-A-Van had gotten a call from Pastor Charlie Piscitello yesterday of a family that could really use some Christmas cheer and blessings from our Lord.  The husband had a stroke about a year ago and they could really use a blessing.

When we arrived, the husband was in the kitchen in his wheelchair. As we were visiting with them, there was a knock on the door. Dave Kendall and his son Kyle were standing there. He said his son wanted to know if he could see the bus. I pulled on my boots and headed out with them.

As little Kyle was touring the bus, he spotted the nativity scene. He said "there is baby Jesus"!  Kyle and his dad enjoyed the homemade treats and hot chocolate. Before leaving, the father told Kyle that he could go ahead and share his gift. Kyle handed me a gift that he wanted to give to another little boy that did not have anything.  With tears swellling in my eyes, I graciously accepted the gift on behalf of God.

How awesome it was to see that this little guy wanted to be a blessing to another little boy.  Pastor Charlie and his wife Judy came onto the bus after Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner were given to the other family. As Pastor Charlie sat there, his voice began to quiver and tears were in his eyes. He said " I just got the best Christmas gift,, we all got to bless others and share the love of Jesus with them."

It was great meeting Dave and Kyle. Thank  you Kyle for helping Care-A-Van and the Lord be a  blessing to others!

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