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April 16, 2009 - 11:35pm

Whose Fault Was It?

posted by Robin Walters in batavia, community awareness.

What a beautiful spring evening it was for Care-A-Van to be out! The newness and freshness of spring was in the air at our local college GCC as we pulled in. The basketball court was busy and in full swing with a game going on. Students were busy milling around enjoying the evening.

We got busy knocking on the doors- I believe 94 in total. The music was blaring and I swear the whole building was shaking as we knocked on the one door. A young man opened the door and stood there with a couple of his friends. They knew us and were happy to see us. We asked them how they were doing and if they needed prayer. He stated well we do have something going on that maybe you can help with. We are having an argument about something they said I did and that I was wrong about. We just can’t settle it. Can you help? Well, we knew that we could not settle it, but we knew with a little prayer that someone bigger than us could settle the dispute. We offered to pray with them.



Paul, Dave and I gathered around with the 6 students held hands and prayed. In the prayer Paul prayed that God would bring peace over the room and that the situation at hand would be settled. As the prayer ended, another student came out of the bathroom and said Amen! The young man said “well now what do we do”? Our reply was wait, don’t argue, and let God settle it. They seemed to be a bit stunned, but said ok.  You see there is someone who knows all and sees all. All of the arguments, all the dissention, the Lord knows exactly what is going on and who is at fault.  If we seek and pray, answers will be shown. 

Just like at another room, someone refused the brochure about the ministry, the cookies and the message booklet. One has to wonder in this type of situation, exactly what is going on inside of this person. Who or what is at fault that this person is hurting so much that they refuse any type of assistance? Now please understand, we know that there are folks including college students have their own beliefs and values. We respect that. However we also know behind those doors, are some very lost hurting souls.

One young gal was from Canada and her home is 30 hours from here. She was so thankful that we stopped by to give a little cheer. Another young gal, said “so you got those church cookies for us”? We like those cookies; we even crunch them up and put them in cakes. She even gave us a bag of donated clothing for the ministry. Here admist all of her trying times in college, she took time to give back to others. How awesome is that!

On May 9th, Care-A-Van will be holding their annual college cookout at GCC. The fun will begin at 4:00 PM. There will be hotdogs, hamburgs and all the fixings to go with them. There will also be music provided. It will be held in the parking lot of the dorms.

If you are interested in coming out and helping we would love to have you join us. This is the end of the year bash for them. Each month from September through May, Care-A-Van makes a monthly visit to the college dorms. We have built wonderful trusting friendships with the students. We go forth and let them know that we care, but most importantly that the Lord cares about them and their well being while they are students here in our local community.

Thank you to all of you who partner with us to take forth the light into the darkness of the college campus and all other areas of the city. As the bus headed back home down Main Street, we looked ahead and there right in front of us in the bluish, black sky was a huge orange cross! Our Lord is an awesome God!  Seeing that cross, gave this writer such an inner feeling of peace.  May you all have a very peace filled day!

We can be reached at 585-343-0328 if you are interested in volunteering or know of someone in need.

Laura Scarborough
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Last seen: 6 years 10 months ago
Joined: Dec 3 2008 - 7:57am
Robin, I enjoy reading about your outings. I smile when you go to GCC. It seems that you are just coming around to be familiar, safe, friendly faces for these young adults that are away from home. Someone(Adults) they are familiar with and not scared of. No pressure about religion, leading by example, but it's known that it's ok to ask for help w/prayer. As for the one student who refused, this can be that age that is quite difficult, prayer is a good thing along w/time. Keep up the good work. :0)
Robin Walters
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Last seen: 6 years 3 months ago
Joined: Dec 2 2008 - 8:50pm
Laura, Thanks for the great compliments for Care-A-Van. The relationships that Care-A-Van has built over the years with the students has been really great. It is the same way with our Saturday outings when we round to the 4 same different neighborhoods. Paul explained to me the reason for that is exactly what you stated that the families can get to know us, trust us and to know that there is no pressure for anything but that there is hope. There is no pressure for religion. That is not the purpose of the bus or the ministry. Our mission is to seek the Kingdom of God reflected here on earth as it is in heaven. We go forth to help the needy. We are the local missons field as well as some of the other great churches and organizations here in the City. We get blessed right back. At GCC we have had the opportunity to even meet students from Japan and England! This week-end we are taking the bus to Machias to visit a church there that supports us. Next week-end we our taking the bus to NY city to minister in the Bronx! The week after we get back we have been blessed by being invited to share of the ministry in Buffalo! We were just saying last night that we hope we can get another team together that can help with the college, so that the bus can still go out into the city on that Thursday night. There are so many needs here in the city. Thanks for being an encouragement to us! We really appreciate it! Have a great week-end! Robin
Beth Kinsley
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Joined: Aug 22 2008 - 9:43pm
I think this is a wonderful thing that you do. What items are needed for donations? Food? Clothing?
Robin Walters
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Last seen: 6 years 3 months ago
Joined: Dec 2 2008 - 8:50pm
Hi Beth, The ministry does accept food and clothing donations. There are times we get calls during the week that folks need food and the items donated are used for that. The two bags of groceries and gallon of milk that are given out on Saturdays is purchased by financial donations we receive. Each family receives the same items on those days. We put the clothing out on the tables when the bus goes out. As with any ministry the real need is for financial donations. In 2008, the ministry provided food to 1,418 families, 2,600 college students were reached during monthly visits, 1054 college students were served at the two cookouts we had 1,000 people were touched by our Halloween outreach, 46 families were given Christmas, 62 people were served Easter dinner ( we had 92 this year!), 176 folks attended the street church services that are held on Sundays. This is just a portion of what Care-A-Van does. There are many expenses involved with the ministry. The food is just a part of it. All donations received go right into the ministry. Larry Hicks our Donations Director has been contacting local churches to encourage partnering financially with us. I had it on my heart lately thinking about individual or family partnerships on a monthly basis. You know how like there are many missions that do this, like Compassionate Children, heck even Joyce Meyers! I know times are tough for everyone lately due to our world's economic situation. But what do you or anyone else that may be reading this, think of this idea? It was just a brainstorming thought I had. There are many agencies that folks help support locally and abroad. This street ministry really goes forth and helps the lost and less fortunate. Can you just imagine what radical changes could happen in this city if everyone catches on to a vision in helping make a difference? It has been such a blessing to me to be involved in this ministry here in Batavia. I have gotten to meet some really great people. I have enjoyed learning and working with the different agencies. Thanks to you and everyone here for their continued encouragement. Robin Oh by the way, what is really needed is a place that we could use to store the bus. Currently St. Paul Lutheran graciously allows us to park the bus there in the parking lot But a garage for the bus would be super. This is on the wish list!

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