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Powers impresses educators

By Russ Stresing

   Endorsed Democratic Congressional candidate, Jon Powers, held the first in a series of planned conferences with local educators at Main Street Coffee on Tuesday, August 12th.  The meeting gave Powers a chance to hear concerns and solutions directly from educators.   Among those attending the forum were principals Charles Herring of LeRoy high school, Jim Thompson, an assistant professor at Medaille College and a retired elementary principal, elementary teachers Christine Frew and Debbie Karas, art teacher Lorie Longhany, ELA teacher Sue Bell. The candidate has more of these conferences planned throughout the district, along with meetings with other residents intended to give the voters the voice in their government that they deserve.

     Powers said he was grateful for the time the participants shared with him and took many good ideas from the event.  His keen interest in education originates from a source close to home.  His mother, Sue Powers, is a career educator and attended Tuesday's meeting.  Jon credits her as being his biggest influence in developing a passion for education.  

   The participating educators were equally impressed with Powers.  Past principal at Leroy Elementary School and current assistant professor of education at Medaille College, Jim Thompson, gave this reaction when asked his impression of Powers and the campaign's  effort at gathering voters' input.

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Jerri Kaiser

Powers' education forum is a great idea. It's another example of how Jon Powers goes out into the community to listen and find solutions to our problems. Other candidates just talk about ideas; Powers does something about them.

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