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2010. 05-15. Saturday afternoon.

By Steve Renko

1.  Just in case anyone reads this blog, my name is Steve Renko.  I really live in Cleveland, Ohio.  So you may ask what am I doing in Batavia?  I need to be somewhere else just to relax and enjoy the sunshine for instance.    I recently retired from a daytime job I was working at and for some 35 years.  I am 57 years old currently.  I am married withone daughter.

This Batavia website has that small town feel.  Cleveland is active enough.  It was recently in the sports news.  I need a bfreak where sports dictates a mood for the city.  I have additional feelings that require taking in God's good air and his wonderful sunshine.  Maybe it's something I was guided to by the Holy Spirit.   I feel a good feel around batavia.  So, I am hanging out in this virtual reality.  The Internet is an amazing thing to work with day after day.  How else, for instance, would I see something about Batavia.  I did look it up in the Wikipedia for information.  History is a favorite subject of mine.  

2.  There is a tendency out there that a city, or a town had to have the Roman Army march over it for it to be of value.  A city or town just has to exist and tune in to God for it to exist.  Cleveland is in the throes of a sports figure with great talent wondering what he will do next.  The temptation and the urgency makes his perosnality more important then, let's say, the education and the welfare of Clevelanders.  So, I seek smaller cities or towns to relax and not wonder nor doubt.  God is in control.  

3.  The sun is shining this afternoon.  My wife and I have planted a small balcony garden, a tomato plant, some green onion seeds, plus Swiss Chard  greens.  In addition to that we added in a long planter seeds that will sprout into moon flowers, morning glories, and four o'clock flowers.  That should cover the day and night.  My favorite is fresh garden tomatoes.  There's the real taste.

4.  I enjoy blogging.  If there is one activity that is relaxing and revealing and has that good feel at the end and lasts a long time it is blogging.  Before the blogs arrived it was called writing.  There is no waiting for approval or wondering about rejection.  We are all connected under the greatness of God almighty.  Thanks for listening and reading just in case anyone did.  I enjoyed blogging about a Saturday afternoon while relaxing in Batavia, New York , even if its virtual.  I hope your day is sunny and pleasant.     --Steve Renko     

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