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One World Gov't??

By Sam Tambe Jr.
Jun 21, 2010, 12:50am

Over the past few years I believe that the Lord has been directing me to look at the events happening in the world today and the prophecies given to John in Revelation.

I have come to believe that currently there is a conspiracy plan being enacted worldwide by powers  I strongly believe that we are coaxed into a “one world” (new world order) type of system. I have done some research, prayed and been studying Revelation and ‘End times” prophecy.

I know one might say “You’re a quack the people of the United States will never go for a one world government” My answer is this “We are not going to have a choice”. Let’s just take a brief look at just a few things that are happening today in our country. We are in an economic nightmare…soon the government will have so much stake in banks that they will become U.S. government or maybe even World Bank controlled. What a brilliant scheme.

First the financial system in our country will collapse then the moneys of the world will be controlled by a single entity. To have a “One world Government” all citizens will have to become semi-equal financially. We here in the U.S. have been viewed by the rest of the world as the richest people (monetarily and lifestyle-wise) for years. This financial collapse is needed to level the “playing field” in the world today. Before the plan can go forward we have to lose power monetarily so that we are forced to buy into to the 1 world scheme. I believe that the European Union has been a model for what’s to come all over the world.

You will rarely (if ever) hear any of this being reported in the media. You can find bits and pieces of information on the internet about this. There is only one mainstream media reporter that I’ve even heard mention any of this and that’s Lou Dobbs. He has reported on the “North American Union” which will be made up of the United States, Mexico and Canada and the proposed “Amero” currency that will be used.

My theory is this: before changing over to a true “One World government and currency” the world will be regionalized. With the European Union, the North American Union, the South American Union, the African Union, the Asian Union and the Middle Eastern Union. Where does that leave Israel?

Well, I believe in Gods word and would be willing to bet that Israel will be the last “holdout” from the whole Union Scheme. Of course this will not be tolerated by the people in charge (Antichrist?)

Other actions that lead me to believe that my theories are correct (or at least close) are some of the liberties being taken away from U.S. citizens. Let’s take guns for instance. In the past you could just walk into Walmart or whatevermart and buy a shotgun and take it home…no questions asked. Now there’s a ton of paperwork and a National gun owner registry data base.

The government now knows who has what guns. They tell us it’s just in case the gun is stolen or used in a crime now it can be tracked. Of course they play on the safety (fear factor) so we’ll buy into it. Really what this does is just let them know who has what as far as firearms so that when the time comes for them to confiscate them they know who has guns. Why would the government want to confiscate guns you might ask? Because when it becomes apparent to the loyal American people that we’re being

“SOLD OUT” to the regionalized government scheme the government won’t want an armed resistance.

Another thing that I see happening in our country today is a move toward “worldly morals and values” and away from what this country was founded on which is “Godly biblical morals and values”. The moral decay of our society here in the U.S. just in the past 39 years that I have been alive has been atrocious. Now with the “liberal left” in charge of our country it’s only going to get worse. I would dare to guess that 90% of the media in this country today is far left liberal. The media in this country is so powerful today that it can easily sway elections. Case in point: Look at the coverage that president Obama received compared to Senator McCain during this past presidential election. There is no one in this country that can honestly say that both men got the same equal coverage. Now, I’m not saying that senator McCain would have won had the coverage been equal..but I guarantee it would not have been such a landslide. It’s interesting that president Obama is a liberal democrat and got all that coverage isn’t it?

How long is God going to show us grace as our country slaps His law in the face?

Another 2 items of interest are probably the most important ties that I have found to Revelation. The first being the RFID (Radio frequency Identification Device) chip. The other is the national security data base (NSDB). Big Brother is here!

The RFID chip could very well be (and I for one believe is) the mark of the beast. Did you know that every enhanced drivers license and passport now have RFID tracking chips in them with your personal information? Now, of course the government way of selling this idea is that it’s all for national security…which for now it could very well be (but could be used for evil in the near future).

They now also have RFID chips that are bio-powered by the body’s heat. These are currently being used in pets, livestock for tracking. There have also been people here in the U.S. that have already voluntarily been chipped for “safety reasons”. There have also been prisoners that have been “chipped”. I have a newspaper article from 1998 that talks about the development of this technology. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before your health, credit card, banking and other personal information will be on this “grain of rice” sized chip that will be inserted in your hand or in your forehead. It’s probably also only a matter of time before you will be required to have this chip to buy or sell.   


Think my ideas are far-fetched? I have first hand experience with the national security data base (NSDB). While working with Perceptics LLC of Knoxville, TN as an Electronics Technician/System Installation Technician I helped build and install L.P.R. (License plate reader systems). These systems are installed at the majority of border crossings between the U.S. and Canada and the U.S. and Mexico. What the LPR systems does is this: While your vehicle is pulling up to the booth at the border it takes a picture of your license plate and digitizes it. That signal is sent to the US Customs main computer at the crossing. The signal is then sent to the National Security Data Base in Maryland. Not only does it keep a record of when, where and how many times you cross the border….

it actually searches the data base and if you have any outstanding tickets, warrants, legal charges against you it sends that and your personal information back to the agent at the booth that you’re pulling up to within milliseconds. The agent basically knows if you are “flagged” before you ever get to him/her. So if you ever doubted that any of this technology could come to pass in your lifetime…the answer is that the technology already exists and is being used thousands of times a day.

Does this technology sound familiar??

If not read Revelation chapter 13-14 in your Bible again.

My last bit of solid evidence has to do with “Natural Disasters” or shall we say disasters of biblical proportion. Revelation explains several judgments during end times where thousands or even millions of us here on earth will suffer or maybe even die from. The most recent “natural disasters” have included the MAJOR Earthquakes in Taiwan, Chile, Haiti, China, Hurricane Katrina and The Indonesian Tsunami (in which 100s of 1000s of people lost their lives). You might say “Well, Sam there’s thousands of these event recorded throughout our history”. My answer is simple… According to the International Disaster Data Base( 1940 and 2008 reported “natural disasters” have increased nearly 400%. What is equally shocking is the number of the world’s population that are affected by these events. The increases are huge as seen in the charts at em-dat.

Closing Statement

All of this information was foretold by God/Jesus Christ to John of Patmos nearly 2000 years ago. So this information is nothing new. What is new is that the technology now exists (more than at anytime in human history) for these events to actually occur.

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